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Re: New Contest - Use Thumbtack as a Customer! - WINNER ANNOUNCED

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Hi everyone! Thank you so much to all pros who participated in our latest contest - Using Thumbtack as a Customer. We had lots of great submissions and it was tough to choose just one. I loved hearing so many stories of our pros connecting with other pros, and getting stuff done! I also loved hearing about everything that our pros learned from the experience, to become better themselves. Feel free to share more stories and keep the conversation going!

Congratulations to our winner, @Shuddrbug1! We loved your story about your experience using Thumbtack as a customer, and what you learned. It's so important to be upfront with clients, in order to create a good experience and hopefully create lasting relationships that can lead to more business in the future.

Thanks again to everyone for participating! We'll have more competitions in the future, so if you didn't win this time, don't worry! Stay tuned for another opportunity.

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