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I just got a call from a TT professional services person offering a new targeted customer success coach. “Looking to connect with the top 3% of TT pros to help drive more business to the pros who sign up and agree to keep and replenish a monthly $250 pre-paid balance in TT.
It all sounded great except if I opt out there is no refund of any remaining pre-paid balance.
So I could consider the forfeiture of the balance as a cost of the program But when considering the turmoil of change at TT including the instant match debacle, how can I trust this new TT program? Timing is bad (for me) on this offer. I need to see things at TT level out and stabilize before I throw in more marketing dollars. YMMV.

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Almost 2 months ago, I received a similar call. In fact, the rep called numerous times in 2 days.

He also emailed me and said that "Thumbtack had an exclusive offer for Top Pros if you pay $300 upfront for leads on Thumbtack, we’ll give you an additional $150 in credit for free. And we’ll also pair you with a Thumbtack expert for a free one-on-one consultation. We have a select amount of Thumbtack experts and it is an extra service available to pros who want to do a better job at Thumbtack"

I had asked why I have to pay $300 up front, (TT would match it by half), for someone at Thumbtack to help me do a better job, when reps already get paid. I was told that he couldn't go into details, but a paid expert would help me. And then explained that the money paid will go into my TT account.  When asked in a phone conversation if that will help me obtain quality leads, he couldn't answer, but left it for the expert to work with me.

I didn't accept the offer as timing was very bad as well, as it was during my hurricane prep for evacuation at end of August. I did receive an email for a Docusign in case I was interested. But when the rep didn't answer my 2 main questions, even in follow up phone call/email a few weeks later, again I didn't accept the offer for various reasons


DJ Stevie 10-21-2019


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@zona5101 I received the same call with the same offer a few weeks ago. As the young lady was telling me about the program, I asked her a few questions:

1) What is a "success coach"? Are not ALL coaches geared toward success (ping pong, wellness, etc)?

Her response was that every month an expert would contact me offer advice on how to target my preferences and buy more leads.

2) My next question asked whether this meant the quality of the leads would improve.

She said no.

I asked her if additional information would be included in the leads that could inspire me to spend more on the products offered.

She said no.

At this point, I thought "why not?" If they want 10 minutes of my time that's ok. I agreed to accept her offer.

Her response was that $250-$300 was required upfront from me every month to pre pay for leads. Hmmmm.

3) Next question: Are you essentially offering the services of aThumbtack employeel to advise me to spend more money on leads?

She said yes.

4) My next question: Why do you require money paid upfront?

She said to prove I am financially stable.  Wow!

A few thoughts: This was not exactly an impressive presentation. This is a program invented by someone with no experience or training in the business world. Who asks a customer to pay ahead of time and justifies it with questioning their financial stability? It was borderline insulting. 

I would love to hear some feedback from Pros, Moderators, Community Managers, Product Team members, etc. who could explain why this is an attractive offer.

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