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OMG...Thumbtack PLEASE STOP! Thank you

TT management...I love you guys but PLEASE, I really cannot stand being bombarded every day...all day long...with the ads you insert in between the jobs I get. I already know what jobs I targetted. I already know all my options for getting more leads. I don't need to be reminded 25-50X a day. It's okay the first time and then that's it! Surely I cannot be the only service pro who finds this annoying...or am I? I understand what you are trying to do, but it is NOT necessary to do it in this repeated fashion. it consumes my valuable time.

Thomas R

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Re: OMG...Thumbtack PLEASE STOP! Thank you

Don't know about doing it from a phone. From a PC, if you drill down, you can turn off a number of "reminders" and messages.reminder01.jpg

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Re: OMG...Thumbtack PLEASE STOP! Thank you


Should have used the big red arrow.

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Re: OMG...Thumbtack PLEASE STOP! Thank you

If you’re talking about the notifications within the app I 100% agree. I get a notice to update my calendar at least twice a day. I get other repetitive notice too. Once we read a notice we should not get it again!