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PRO'S! Give em a COMPLEMENT!!!

To all the staff at TT THANK YOU!  You created an app that got our small little business in touch with so many new clients and customers, you helped us grow our business from a VERY part time hobby job into a full time job for 2 (and looking for # 3).  TT has been great to JSGDS so thank you!


If you're a pro please give a thanks here or even PM to a monitor to say thanks!  This staff deals with tons of complaints every day; this time lets pay THEM a complement!

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Moderator Meckell

Re: PRO'S! Give em a COMPLEMENT!!!

Thank you for this @JSGDS! We're so lucky to have you as a pro on Thumbtack and we're happy that your business is finding so much success. Keep it up!

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Moderator Kameron

Re: PRO'S! Give em a COMPLEMENT!!!

@JSGDS thanks so much for the kind words! It truly means a lot to hear you recognize that we want nothing but success for pros on Thumbtack. We're here to do what we can to partner with pros and help them possibly see that success through changes, feedback, and working to improve on all fronts. 

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