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Packaged Services

Today, I learned about something called "Packaged Services" where you can pre-pay for, say, as little as $200 and get $400 in bidding value (my term). Is this true? This is as close to the old "credit" system as I've seen in almost three years and I would be encouraged to take my account off pause and get back into the game, if there is something to this story. Unfortunately, I did a chat this morning with "Katrina" and she had heard nothing about it.

Perhaps it is category specific and perhaps it's a "test," but if you want to see pros who have been "on hold" for awhile come alive (like me), roll this out across the pro community. Otherwise, I, and others like me, would be reluctant to re-engage.


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Re: Packaged Services


I heard the same thing the other day from a fellow Pro. Your chat with "Katrina" contradicts what we've both heard.

So, like you, I would like to know if this is a test, category specific, or is it going to be implemented across the pro community?

DJ Stevie 6-9-6019

Moderator Kameron

Re: Packaged Services

@VideoTerry We’re working on some improvements and starting with a small group of pros. This gives us a chance to work out some important details. We’re not ready to share this with a larger group of pros but the team is working hard to finalize the details. If you didn’t get an email or other communication from us, that means we’re not yet ready to have you participate just yet. Once we are we’ll let you know as soon as we can.

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Re: Packaged Services

@Kameron We will be watching. As I said, you want to get more pros off the bench? Roll something truly meaningful out for all of us. You would likely see a spike in activity, and I would be one to jump back in. ~TW

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Re: Packaged Services

Thanks @Kameron
As @VideoTerry said, we will be watching for it. Is this small group of Pros comprised of ALL categories? If not, may I ask if my category is involved in this small group?
Also, will this help us obtain quality leads?
DJ Stevie 5-10-2019