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Philly pros - give us your feedback!

Hey pros at our Philly meetup, we want to know what's on your mind!


At Thumbtack, we like to keep track of what's going well using a #loveit and what we could improve using a #couldbebetter.

Let us know your#loveits and #couldbebetters! What about Thumbtack do you like and what could we do better? Reply below and let us know!

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Re: Philly pros - give us your feedback!

Hello Jason it was a pleasure meeting you really enjoyed myself today#loveit. I look forward to seeing what's next in store. #couldobetter getting more pros out like a barberque along with family to see how this helps or effects being a Top Pro twice a year have another gathering end of summer before winter to hear empowered voices on things that may help are there issues games etc interacting one on one with the people along with over all social group. I would to be apart of that organize events decorations and more
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Re: Philly pros - give us your feedback!

#Loveit. I have been havig a great experience with Thumbtack. I have gotten some of my best jobs and clients via this pplatform. I've also found other great Pros to work with.

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Re: Philly pros - give us your feedback!

Thumbtack has really been the pillar of my business! I will recommended to anyone who is looking to find customers to help you grow your business. #loveit

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Re: Philly pros - give us your feedback!

Great event!
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Re: Philly pros - give us your feedback!

A really terrific event. Thumbtack took about all the stops for this networking event. For a pro like me that is in the Interior Design business the way that I work is on a project basis. So the way that the leads come in doesn’t make sense for my business. I don’t have enough information to do a true quote. I don’t know what their true needs are so it is impossible to give a price, I usually ask for more information to ascertain if we are a good fit. Let’s make this better!
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Re: Philly pros - give us your feedback!

Thanks for hosting a great event. Love that your focused on helping us improve our businesses and willing to do something about it! Can't wait for more detailed filters for me to drill down on more specifics before prepaying for a lead. #CouldBeBetter
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Re: Philly pros - give us your feedback!

Great time at the Philly Thumbtack event! Lots of info and pros to connect with. 

Need to learn how to reach high-end clientele looking for boutique/white-glove services surrounding move-management/relocation.

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hot tub moving

Can we incorporate hot tub removal into hot tub moving? 


Re: Philly pros - give us your feedback!


Had a great time meeting Philly Pros and it was great meeting the amazing Thumbtack employees who put together this event! Thanks for showing us that we matter to you!