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Positive Feedback

We don’t see too many positive posts about Thumbtack’s policies of late.
I would like to start up discussion that mentions some viable aspects of this platform.
1) My profile: a work in progress. Lots of opportunity to present myself to the public.
2) About twice a month a lead comes in that leads to a hire and all around positive experience.
3) The live support team has never failed me in all my 5 years on TT. The text options are another story.
4) The Moderators, especially Meckell, are prompt in their responses and make a very honest effort in resolving issues. Although not empowered to change policy, their pursuit of solutions is commendable.
5) The Community at large: There is potential here to network and with other pros in related professions and create newer mire expanded business models.

Ok Pros... What say you?
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Re: Positive Feedback

@ChefOfAllSeason We're so appreciative of your effort here to share some of the more positive aspects you've noticed while using Thumbtack. Thanks for all you do and your contributions to the community here. Keep up the great work out there. 

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Re: Positive Feedback - Where is the number for Live Support?

Hey @ChefOfAllSeason . Thanks for that powerful message. Did you put something extra in the brownies this morning?

Where did you find the portal that lets you in to talk with Live Support. My account seems to be walled off from any contact with a human being.

And I do not wish to be a downer, but the scripted company line is all I read  even from the moderators.

John C Hansen, LEED AP
Hansen Home Inspections

Re: Positive Feedback - Where is the number for Live Support?

Nope. Nothing in the brownies. Ha ha ha.
I was wearing a bandana today that was bedecked with the yin/yang symbol of the Tao. The idea of balance occurred to me. Thumbtack has done some good for me and to be a fair and open minded person it behooves one to give credit where credit is due.

Meckell put in an abundant effort at helping me with a problem in the way my quotes were derailed by TT. Although she did not succeed where support did, she deserves recognition.

We may not like what the Community Managers, Moderators, Staff Members, Writers, Parking Valets, etc have to say, but it’s not their message. They are just the messengers.

So, that being said.... here is the number to support. Remember, they operate regular hours on Pacific time. They know their business and are underpaid.
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Re: Positive Feedback - Where is the number for Live Support?

Thank you for the number. The dissapointing thing is that the Thumbtack site makes it hard to locate that number.

John C Hansen, LEED AP
Hansen Home Inspections
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