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Preparing for the Holidays

Some of our Thumbtack team members threw an amazing event in LA over the weekend - Showcasing how our Thumbtack pros can help with last minute holiday prep.

What do you do to prepare for the Holidays? Is this a slow time, or a crazy time for your business? When I made cakes full time, this time of year was complete insanity for me. In order to prepare, I would schedule a massage for myself in December (I still do this), and I would try to get all of my shopping done before December. What are your tips and tricks?

Now look at these photos! I am overwhelmed when I see so many incredible individuals who have taken their talents and their passions and turned them into a business. What a beautiful gift to be able to do what we love and make a living of it.


@ChefPaulStaley@perrysto@ontherockies@GlamorousDrinks@Kimv2003@vaughn@goodforkcaterer,  What do you guys do to prepare - and still keep your sanity in tact?

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Re: Preparing for the Holidays

In the music education business, the holidays are typically a time where people start purchasing instruments and lessons for their loved ones, not to mention the upcoming New Years resolution crowd to factor in as well.

If you’re business savvy, then you should be able to digest the analytics of the highs and lows of your industry. The waves are coming and going, so I would take this time to refresh or update my curriculum to ensure that I have a product that is deserving of repeat business when it eventually goes slow in the spring time. Your competitors are all thinking the same thing, so separate yourself from a branding perspective and ask your clients what you can improve on from time to time too.

Take a day off if you need to. You deserve it Smiley Happy
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Re: Preparing for the Holidays

@vaughn Love this! I agree to the taking time off! Entrepreneurs often forget to give themselves time to recharge. And I agree with separating yourself and figuring out to set yourself apart from your competitors! Great advice.