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Pro Advocate?

Back in 2012: My first Platform for obtaining Handyman work was Taskrabbit. We separated in 2013 after about 79 jobs, and I am not shedding any tears. One of the best things coming from that: When I signed up for TT, I had experience...I knew I could bid on, and win, jobs through a platform.

BUT!  One thing that did impress me: Taskrabbit held an event here in Chicago: I met a TR employee. Her job was to advocate, and fight for, and on behalf of,  the Pro's.

Maybe the closest analogy would be the court appointed attorney for criminals who can't afford one.

It would be nice if TT copied that, ...could probably use an entire department.

I acknowledge; the shear size of the Pro community can make it difficult for TT to respond to, and address individual issues. 

STILL: You guys need to do way better. If you make a serious change to the platform, and you do not clearly inform the Pro community first....of course the result will be thousands of emails and calls. With 200,000+ Pro's;  Just 1% is 2,000 any uncomfortable adjustment to the platform results in your Call and Email centers getting swamped.

Maybe TT needs to find a better POLLING agency.  Many Politicians in campaigns hire these companies. They have the capacity to survey large numbers of people and quickly distill the responses into data that is easily interpeted.

Reese T. March 22, 2019

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Re: Pro Advocate?


I agree with everything you said!!

We never get informed of any changes until after they get implemented. Very useful tools have been taken away from us and even though we get told feedback has been passed on, I doubt that those tools will be given back to us. Now we wait to see what's in store for us with March improvements, what will be give and take.

Many of us, myself included, get frustrated when our follow up questions to comments here in the Community Forum are forgotten and never replied to. It is very rare that we get a reply. True, the moderators have too many to answer, so having a department that knows how to handle tough questions, and concerns to help us, maybe the way to go for Thumbtack.It would help and from speaking with a fellow DJ Pro here, at one time, Thumbtack had a rep geared just for that category. This is what Thumbtack needs, departments or a rep for each category. Just a thought.

Oh the polling process. I'm tired of filling out polls, where some of the questions are geared toward politics and not totally on Thumbtack and our experiences. If I want to fill out a political poll, I've got websites that I belong to that handle things like that. But yes, hire a polling company that can handle thousands of people and can distill responses into data that is easily interpreted. I know that I copied some of your wording, hope you don't mind.



Re: Pro Advocate?

@ReeseTee you bring up a valid point. One of the things Marco addressed in his Q&A last night was that we could definitely do better at notifying pros of improvements that have been made. This is something that we're working on, so hopefully, you'll see a difference here soon. 


We have an entire team that's involved in connecting and advocating for our pros. We've held numerous amount of events in different cities and plan on doing more in the future. We created this online forum for pros to connect with each other and to us. We're here for you guys and all of our community efforts are here for you to partner with us, share your feedback and ask questions. 

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Re: Pro Advocate?

An entire team of salaried TT employees who advocate on behalf of the Pro's?

Perhaps you could introduce them to the community?

Would a survey, on the effectiveness of this team, be at all possible?

I sourced 91 jobs through TT in 2017, and 48 jobs in 2018, maybe 12 so far for 2019.  I know you said to keep it positive. I desire to partner with TT, so that we are both successful.  I am sure many other Pro's share that sentiment.

BUT: My reality is that I am doing everything I can to source jobs from places besides Thumbtack. Almost every change TT has made over the last two years has made me (and many others) angry. So maybe that team of advocates is also unhappy because upper management is not listening to them? Or maybe something else?

I understand that when there are 200,000+ Pro's, it can be hard to listen to just one. 

Bottom Line: Most Pro's will not spend money if they feel it will be poor ROI.    Issues that would seem to be common sense, have become gasoline on the fire:  Refusing to sort reviews in chronological order? Increasing the number of bids from 5 to as many as 15 or more? No policy in place to remove dormant profiles?  

I would like to see transparancy on Pro Community surveys. Survey the entire community once a month. Post the results. Allow Pro's to submit questions for future surveys. Then everyone can see if TT corporate is REALLY listening, or just pretending to listen.

Seriously; maybe it is time for Thumbtack to hire a bigger, better, outside agency, who can survey the entire Pro community (not a sample, and not the dormant guys) and ask the right questions, and rapidly summarize the results.  It just feels like corporate is out of touch on with what the community wants.

Reese T. Mar 28, 2019

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Re: Pro Advocate?

@ReeseTee  Very good post.

Regarding you comment "Most Pro's will not spend money if they feel it will be poor ROI. ", I could not agree more. 

What is happening here though is interesting. There are still a lot of pros on this platform even though their ROI is poor or even negative. I believe that is because TT was a really good platform for us pros. It was actually the best I used in my opinion. Now that is certainly not the case - but I believe we hold on that things will change. That one day soon we will see material change that again restores TT as a viable lead source bringing good ROI to our businesses.

I practice divorce law  - this holding on phenomena is common in us humans... in divorce, people stick out bad marriages perhaps far too long only to eventually realize things will never get better. I think the same is happening here... and TT has at least some opportunity to reconcile as long as we stick it out. But I assure you, even the believers won't stay that way forever.


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Re: Pro Advocate?

hi:  There is a financial reason for Pro's to maintain their TT profiles, even if they are not actively bidding.

I believe my record for "delayed hire" [ meaning; I paid to bid, the job-poster opened it, looked at it, no refund...] and then, after a period of time, reached out to hire me, is  2.5 years!  I have another hire that was a year delay, another that was 9 months.  I keep a running spreadsheet and try to do my best to track my TT customer acquisition bid cost. What is my average cost  in bid expense to walk into the home of a new TT customer, and what is my average cost when I factor in repeat and referral business?

I am the admin of an unofficial TT user group on Facebook, and I counsel members who are fed up, to minimize, but not delete their TT profiles...for this reason.  I think on occassion, I have referred to these jobs as zombie-bids, 'cause I really thought they were dead.

One of the things I do is picture hanging:  In many cases, a client has moved into a new place, and the pictures will sit on the floor for well over a year, before the client gets around to hiring someone to come hang the pictures.  So, like you; those customers are gonna get divorced and need to hire an attorney, it is just gonna take them a while.   And, in many cases, the couple is pretending to stay married until the last kid graduates high school....but those kids almost always know the divorce is coming.-- Reese

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Re: Pro Advocate?

@ReeseTee I totally agree with every suggestion you made!

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Re: Pro Advocate?

Reese said it, but we are all doing it..........    This is the result of Thumbtack's last 12 months of changes........."BUT: My reality is that I am doing everything I can to source jobs from places besides Thumbtack. Almost every change TT has made over the last two years has made me (and many others) angry. So maybe that team of advocates is also unhappy because upper management is not listening to them? Or maybe something else?"


Re: Pro Advocate?

@DJStevie I'm sorry if you feel that your questions don't always get a response. We try our best to help you the best that we can and have had quite a few conversations with you. I'm going to send you a private message about this so we can get things resolved. 

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