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Pro Meet-up in Kansas City, MO!

Yesterday we had our first ever Pro Community meet-up in Kansas City - hosted by our TackMaster Ramie Haas. 13 pros joined us - ranging from landscapers and photographers, to electricians and tax accountants.

One pro told us that when he found Thumbtack he only had $200 in his bank account and he took a leap of faith to spend $40 on his first quote. He said he “had no tools, no truck, and was just a boy with a dream”. He landed that job, which turned out to be a big one. Since then his company has grown and expanded and he recently partnered with his brother to add remodeling to his landscape business.

Another pro spent 10 years as a chemist and found that her extroverted self was miserable in a lab. She started taking side jobs for photography on Thumbtack and was quickly able to quit her job at the lab and take photos full time.

I met a husband and wife team who started an electrical and wiring company only 8 short months ago - they have already been hired nearly 40 times and reached Top Pro status in January!

A few pros had some tough feedback for Thumbtack, and we were there to listen. Ultimately, we are partners and you are helping shape the future of Thumbtack. One of the most important things we gain from these meet-ups (aside from connecting our pros to one another) is insight from our very best pros.

Ramie, a life coach and reiki healer, also led the group in some stress reduction exercises. They will continue to meet on a regular basis and we’re excited to watch their community grow!


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Re: Pro Meet-up in Kansas City, MO!

I think I am posting on the right thread...sorry we have been super busy!

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Re: Pro Meet-up in Kansas City, MO!

@mes8908 Yes! It was SO great meeting you!!

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Re: Pro Meet-up in Kansas City, MO!

Who was invited?  I've been on Thumbtack in Kansas City for over 2 years.  Never got an invite.

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Re: Pro Meet-up in Kansas City, MO!

Hi @StoriesUpSTL the invites went out to a pretty small group - I'm so sorry we missed you on this one! If you are interested in attending future meet-ups, I can put you in touch with our TackMaster there. As she plans future meet-ups she can add you to the invite list! 

Also, if you have any thoughts on what types of meet-ups you'd be interested in, post those here! (Think, intimate networking meet-ups with groups of ~20 pros). 

Thank you!

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