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Moderator Meckell

Re: Pro Status

@MusicEverywhere Kameron sent you a private message regarding your situation. Please refer back to that and respond there with any follow up questions. 

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Re: Pro Status

How do I see private messages. Will they come to my email?
Moderator Kameron

Re: Pro Status

@MusicEverywhere to see your direct messages in the Community you'll just need to click the envelope icon. You may or may not get them in your email depending on your Community notification settings.

The last message I sent said that I've forwarded your specific situation regarding your Top Pro status to the appropriate team to look into. I can't say whether this will result in you receiving Top Pro for this last round or not, but they will reach out if your status is updated.


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Re: Pro Status

@MusicEverywhere wrote:

Ever since I lost my Top Pro Status I’m getting no requests. I haven’t been able to replace one single student. This is my family’s only income. I know people contact the pros with Top Pro Status first. I would if I was a customer. It means something.

How long has it been? I think it's much more likely that you're just in a lull period, and your leads will pick up again soon. I don't think losing top pro has made that much of an impact; you have a stellar reputation with 87 reviews and a 5-star rating, with a friendly looking, quality headshot -- I think that would stand out much more than a 'top pro' badge. 

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Re: Pro Status

@MusicEverywhere, your Top Pro status for July 2019 should be reassessed because you do actually have 5 verified reviews in the 12 preceeding months, i.e. July 1, 2018 ---> June 31, 2019.

Going forward, you are doing brilliantly in 2019 with 7 verified reviews thus far and we're only in September. Just keep a careful eye on your response rate and review star ratings and I bet you'll make Top Pro in January 2020 also.


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Re: Pro Status

Why can't thumbtack post responses in chronological order? Why is there a response from yesterday, followed by a response from a week ago?? It makes it impossible to follow a thread and makes no sense at all.

cranichik 9-18-2019


Re: Pro Status

I couldn’t agree more. I’m still waiting and so far my Pro Status has not been returned to me even though I met the qualifications.
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Re: Pro Status

I sent you a lengthy response to your post yesterday and they deleted it. Just know that I understand how you feel - and I feel the same way in many issues with Thumbtack. The whole point of the community board is to share our thoughts and learn about other Pros experiences. That helps us understand we are not the only one feeling the same. Currently, I have showing as my first review on my profile page that customers see is from 2015. It was the one and only 1 Star review I have out of 84 reviews. I’m a Top Pro with a 4.9 average and this is the first review showing. That is not helpful for me to try and win the business lead I paid for. I’ve requested many times to have the most current review show - that is what reflects our current skills and professionalism. So many things that need adjustments so we can feel confident again working with Thumbtack. There are so many helpful insights that Pros have offered on the community board. I am still waiting to see what will change before I continue loosing money. So just know - I Personally empathize with you. I think we both feel we would happily move forward and spend our money with Thumbtack if we felt things were in place that help us win jobs. aAnd we would feel more confident with a little more flexibility with support in making adjustments on a case by case situation rather than black and white across the board. I’d give you the Top Pro status if you worked for me Smiley Happy. You’ve shown your commitment over time for sure!

Re: Pro Status

JCP I can’t even imagine your frustration. I wish I felt like the ones in charge could do a case by case assessment and really help. I feel like we are all being lumped into a box and last time I checked I wasn’t square.