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Profile Views Always the Same as Additional Views

I've been keeping very precise records of my views since the last week of July, and I've notice a very strange pattern.  With very few exceptions, my profile views for any given day are always the same as my additional views.  On rare occassions, the additional views will be a little greater than the profile views.  And the views for my service are always the same as my listing views, except of course when the additional views are greater than the profile views.  On those rare occassions, the listing views will be greater than my service views by the same amount that the additional views are greater than the profile views.

Now, if I understand what all these different kinds of views are "supposed" to be counting, the pattern I've described above implies that the only people who ever actually view my profile are the people whom Thumbtack showed my listing to even though they weren't looking for my service.  That doesn't make any sense.  I find it highly improbable that the only people who ever show an interest in my service are those who are not looking for it.

I'm currious to find out if anyone else has noticed similar patterns for his or her profile.

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Moderator Kameron

Re: Profile Views Always the Same as Additional Views

@DannyS It can be kind of confusing and I'll do my best to explain. So additional views are customers who have found your public profile outside of Thumbtack search results. For example, they might have found your profile by searching on Google. Profile views are counted entirely separately from your additional views. So this would mean that with 41 profile views and 43 additional views you have a total of 84. 

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Re: Profile Views Always the Same as Additional Views

Thank you Kameron.  The bit about additional views including people who find me by way of a Google search does help to explain the bizzare pattern, but I'm not sure that it completely explains it.  I still think it's strange that no one searching for my service within Thumbtack is ever tempted to look at my profile.

The other information you provided though is incorrect.  Profile views are not counted entirely separately from additional views.  If someone were to find (and visit) my profile by any means other than searching for my service within Thumbtack, that view would be added to both my profile views and additional views.  If this were not the case, then the correlation that I've observed between these two counts over the past three months would be even more improbable.  And the total views does not equal the sum of these two counts either.  The total views equals the sum of listing views and profile views which also equals the sum of service views and additional views.

I had to report problems with the view counts back in April and again in June, and those particular problems seem to have been resolved by the end of July, which is why I started keeping track of my views again at that time.  But it seems like, while fixing those problems, the Thumbtack support team created a new one.  I suspect that views from people who search for my service within Thumbtack and then visit my profile are not being counted properly, if at all.

Assuming I'm right and there is a problem, I don't expect it to get fixed overnight.  I just wanted to take the first step of bringing awareness to this phenomenon.

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