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Re: Promote Feature

@JSGDS thanks for your input! I'm happy to hear that it's working well for you and your business. Do you have any advice for pros who may not be seeing success? What have you found is working for you? 

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Re: Promote Feature

Thanks for suggesting @Meckell .

I would love to hear how Promote is working for you @JSGDS . I've voiced in this thread, and over and over in other threads, private messages to Moderators and reps as to why it's not working for me, asked in a thread couple of weeks for DJ Pros to offer advice that I haven't used yet(only 1 replied, but I've done everything he does) Even a rep I spoke with via phone was baffled as to why it's not working for me, even after I took all of her advice.

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Re: Promote Feature

@Bateshandyman I do not believe you are by yourself. I do not have promote turned on. Simply because, when I did I was spending money for customers to only ask what my availability was. But, I have actually been getting good leads in the past couple of weeks. ( I am a house cleaner and spring cleaning is here) . Pricing for my category, is still a bit high for me, but it has come down. My biggest thing right now is, not all customers are actually looking to have work done right away. I really wish, there was a way TT could differentiat, between estimates, and actuall work.