Pros helping pros (Come introduce yourself!)

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Hey guys,

It would be great to start a small brain-trust group where we can connect as pros to share information and connections within our respective fields. 

Us entrepreneurs have to stick together!

Please respond with the following:

  • Your field of expertise
  • Your top tip for others who want to get into your field
  • One success that you've had recently
  • One thing you're struggling with

I'll start things off.

  • I am a LMT, business coach and business owner
  • There are no overnight successes, take each day as it comes and crush it!
  • Last year, I launched my coaching business for startups and fellow entrepreneurs and have been growing leaps and bounds. I am humbled to be able to help others who are seeking financial independence and self-sufficiency.
  • I am struggling currently with designing my latest website and would appreciate any input the community has!