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Community Manager DustiO
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Proudest Moment as a Business Owner?

As some of you already know, I was a business owner for many years before joining the Thumbtack team. My company, Tres Sucre Custom Confections, is a specialty cake and pastry company.

I did this full time for over a decade (4 of those years on Thumbtack). Sometimes I felt that pure joy in doing something I loved for a living. Other times I felt the tremendous weight of owning a business. Unless you've been there, it's really difficult to understand what it takes to run your own company.

I had many 20+ hour days, weeks at a time without a day off, and just a lot of blood, sweat, and tears... I'm sure most of you here can relate to this. But amongst the hard, long days, there are also so many fulfilling days.

As I look back on my journey I have a lot of proud moments. From being able to support my family when my husband was ill and couldn't work, to making desserts for a cast member of High School Musical, to teaching a room full of bright, beautiful children how to have more self-confidence through baking.

One of my proudest moments, however, was being invited to appear on our local news station's morning show (I ended up going back 5 more times!). I brought my daughter (then only 11 years old) with me. She was watching all of the set and cameras with such awe. I felt so proud to be setting an example for my daughter -- that she could do anything she put her mind to. She ended up being invited on camera for the last segment that day. After filming I remember looking at my phone and I had dozens of texts from friends and family who had woken up early to watch. 

There is a sense of self that comes with owning your own business. You realize what absolute potential you have. I am proud of each of you for going on your own journeys, and I am moved that you have let Thumbtack be a part of that journey.

What are your proudest moments? Please reply here and share them.


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Moderator Meckell

Re: Proudest Moment as a Business Owner?

Such a great post @DustiO - thanks for sharing more about your experiences. You're pretty amazing! 

@PatriciaN @JSGDS @CLGPatrick @LZDNVG @Lotsobirdies @Fanguide @Eddygee @SharonM7 @JoyofMovement @vaughn @GlamorousDrinks @Lar @DJStevie I'd love to hear from you guys! As successful business owners, I'm sure you have many great moments to share. What's one of your proudest moments?

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Re: Proudest Moment as a Business Owner?

Proudest moment.

Lots but this one sticks in my mind because in the midst of a horrible experience I was made to feel overwhelmingly proud.

I'd partnered with a hotel chain and arranged to do a show for their guests in Tampa one evening. High hopes, the venue could hold up to 150 and the hotel seemed very keen for it to be a success. It could be a regular gig.

It didn't turn out that way. Despite me arranging all the promo materials, posters, flyers, etc and trying to get the hotel to step up and push the show to their guests they were utterly hopeless. Head office management wouldn't even let the staff put posters in the lobby or advertize the show to the guests until the actual day of the show. They were hopeless.

We get all set up for the show. My wife is there at her table waiting to greet the audience as they arrive. She has everything all ready with the tickets she helped design, dressed to the nines for what should have been a great night.

4 people showed up.

I could tell she was disappointed for me. I was disappointed for her. Getting ready for a big show like this takes a long time, rehearsals and stuff and she's always there to help me. Just before I did a show for 4 bloody people she looked at me and I looked at her and she smiled and said, "Do your best, you'll be great" - in that moment I felt immensely proud of her for sticking with me and for everything she does that my audience will never get to see.

There would be no show, no business without her support and I felt so proud on that night even in the worst of times.



Community Manager DustiO
Community Manager

Re: Proudest Moment as a Business Owner?

@Lar this is amazing. It is great to recognize the people behind our successes! Thank you for sharing. 

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Re: Proudest Moment as a Business Owner?


Thank you all for sharing your stories and a big THANKS to @DustiO for asking us "Proudest Moment as a Business Owner?" because until now i hadn't givin it much thought.  I don't think we have achieved a single best moment but what we have achieved is so many little ones, there has been so much progress and change within our company, we started looking for a shop (instead of running it out of our homes), we upgraded our website, found a new product lines, diversified our marketing, and just hired a new employee!  Wow, so much change and growth in only just one year!  I've been so caught up in the chaos of recent projects i don't think i've actually thought about what we've done.  I am a proud business owner who's actually pulling this crazy dream off!  I cant wait to look at back on this year! Thanks DustiO for the post and Thanks @Meckell for the tag!

Moderator Meckell

Re: Proudest Moment as a Business Owner?

@JSGDS thanks for sharing! You're an inspiration as always. 

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Re: Proudest Moment as a Business Owner?

Well, I'm trying to think of just one.  I have a lot of proud moments that come from this business and working Thumbtack.

I'm extremely well known for my response rate.  Last time I checked, I'm somewhere within the sub-30minute range (I think it was 25 min. average).

One time, I had a client contact me at 2:30am.  Typically, I wouldn't respond at this time but I checked my phone regardless.  Basically, the message was something like, "Our photographer for our first born's delivery isn't answering her phone and my wife is going into labor."

My only response was, "Grabbing my camera bag.  What hospital?  Call me: XXX-XXX-XXXX"

The hospital was only about 15 minutes away.  I managed to get there well within time to shoot a beautiful delivery of their firstborn.  Now, I get a lot of business from them and their referrals.

You'll be surprised how many times I hear "Our photographer canceled/no-showed."  My camera equipment is always fully charged and ready to go.

Patrick Skinner
CLG Photography
Moderator Meckell

Re: Proudest Moment as a Business Owner?

@CLGPatrick I absolutely love this story! 

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Re: Proudest Moment as a Business Owner?

I've been a Mobile DJ for 25+ years. What started out as a "fill in" for my father's church when a band back out of an event more than 25 years ago, has blossomed into a successful business for me. One of my proudest moments outside of the business is listening to my daughter DJ/host a weekly radio program at her college in Miami.

But for me to choose one of my proudest moments with my business, that's difficult to choose. I've DJ'd for many celebrities, organizations, weddings, fund raisers, parties, graduations, etc.

The proudest moment thus far was back in February, when I was DJ for Tim Tebow's Night To Shine at a local church here in South Florida, and being hired to come back next year as well. It's an organization that touches my heart as my daughter's cousin in Autistic. What made it more than special to me, was being told by the woman who hired me "thank you for giving your time and not charging as others wanted to, because of the name associated with this event". As my father always said, "the more you give, the more paying jobs that you will be blessed with". With this Night To Shine event, listening to the kids chant my name when I "spun" their fav songs and making them feel special, brought tears to my eyes, and with that very emotional feeling, knowing that my parents are looking down from Heaven, very proud of me.

Would I change a thing for a career? NO WAY!! I really enjoy what I do, and it's not just getting a chance to meet celebrities, but the most important thing is putting smiles on people's faces, working with them to make sure their event is more than perfect from the music end of it, seeing them have a great time, being very personable with them, and just being myself, which in turn gets me repeat customers.

@DustiO,Thanks for allowing me to share this. Wish I had time to write more of my proudest moments, but these 2 are more than special to me right now!

Night To Shine.jpgnight to shine1.jpgsteviejack.jpg

Community Manager DustiO
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Re: Proudest Moment as a Business Owner?

@DJStevie I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Thank you for sharing this. You are incredible, in many ways!