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Question about Review Policy

Why does Thumbtack allow anyone to post reviews about Pros they never hired?

My understanding of a review is to report either positively, neutrally or negativally on any intercourse between Client and Professional. Thumbtack allows reviews based on a Professional simply answering standard requests for availability, estimates, etc. that originates in Targetting.

Example I: Job Poster A clicks the "Check availability" button on Pro A's profile. Pro A responds politely (and within 1 hour!) that he/she is not available for the date of the JP's request. Job Poster A feels disappointed and decides to write a poor review for Pro A.

Example II: Same scenario, except this JP wants an estimate. Pro A reads the request, and quickly responds in a most diligent thoughtful manner; just as in the previous example. The JP is not happy with the estimate and feels disappointed that his/her project was not quoted less expensively, eventhough the Pro quoted within the JP's stated budget. The JP did not hire this Pro and writes a poor review anyway.

Why is this allowed on Thumbtack? 

How is this policy an example of "working in partnership with the pro"?

How is this policy not contrary to Thumbtack's slogan of "Getting the job done"?


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Re: Question about Review Policy

@ChefOfAllSeason for some thoughts from Thumbtack on this subject we have a previous post about pro feedback: Keeping you in the (feedback) loop. In #4 we share our thoughts on allowing reviews only if the customer hired you. 

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Re: Question about Review Policy

@Kameron: Thanks for the share on TT’s policy. My question is why is it policy? Why?
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Reviews before the event

Does anyone hate this as much as I do? Thumbtack requests a review of the customer at the time they book. I'd prefer they wait to ask until after the event. I don't like to bother my customers with a request for a second review after the performance. If the customer feels strongly enough on their own to post a review before the event, that's fine. I just don't want Thumbtack to ask.

Re: Reviews before the event

@chart In my experience, everyone of my hires (52) has told me they stop checking messages once they hire me. In the past, I noticed Thumbtack sends a review request once the customer confirms a hire. So, I tell my customers to not report any hires on this site. I am very uncomfortable with anyone asking my customers for a review of my work.

As it is, my choices are to accept this policy with hire confirmation or ask my customers to not confirm hires. It is very awkward for all parties concerned that TT intervenes in this matter. That is the feedback from my customers.

Thumbtack is a site that introduces customers to Pros; why is it necessary to intervene once the connection is made?

If the moderators want to explain why this is a policy, I would be eager to know the explanation. 

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Re: Reviews before the event

@ChefOfAllSeason  I agree. Also, because of the confidentiality concerns in many lines of works, I completely understand why a client would not want to leave a review of any kind. I virtually never ask a client to give a review for this reason - most will feel uncomfortable in doing so. This should be an option for us pros such that we have the ability to turn off the auto-ask for a review function as a professional courtesy to our customers.