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Quoting Feature badly needed, please wake up:

Please wake up. Please pass this to your overlords. We do not want to fight you, we want to partner with you so both Pro's and TT corporate make money.
But right now, it does not feel like a productive partnership, OK?

For reasons I can not state publicly, I really do not care for YELP. But with all the changes TT implemented in the last few years, I created a free profile on YELP in DEC 2017, and a few jobs have trickled in (with zero cost)

Yelp let me quote a price range on the job, Yelp Dec31_2019.jpgand the pull down menus the JP used, gave me more detail than an equivalent TT lead.

TT is not the only PPL game in town. Let us just say, after sending this bid out this morning, I hate YELP a little less.

Reese T. Dec 30, 2019

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Re: Quoting Feature badly needed, please wake up:

Thank you for making this post. I agree with everything here completely. Ranges would indeed be a huge help for me as well. Also as you say it needs to be in the quote screens and not the profile. I have little evidence that most people actually read the profiles and have even referred some leads back to the profile only to get the answer that they didn’t look at the profile and simply picked the first 3 pros on the list.
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Re: Quoting Feature badly needed, please wake up:

I'll have to wholeheartedly Agree Reese _ " But right now, it does not feel like a productive partnership," That's Exactly how it "Used" to feel. But sadly and most unfortunately, it hasn't felt that way around here in a very looong time. Wish it wasn't so. Cheers ~