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Wondering if TT would consider adding a referral feature for us pros? 

Here is the situation. Say I receive a lead either in my inbox or my Jobs Tab for a lead that I do not want for some reason. Geography may be the biggest reason, but certainly there are others. But, I know a collegue who is also on TT who may very well want the job. It would be great if I could refer the lead to my collegue (at no additional cost to me) and if the lead connects with the collegue, my TT fees are credited back.

Because TT is very consumer (not the pro) focused, it is very possible that there are many jobs out there that are great fits for a pro, but the pro never sees.  The jobs tab algorithm is a mystery that nobody can explain, it is ineffective for many reasons discussed on the boards, and it would be great to let the pros actually collaborate and help each other out to bring better visibility to the jobs that are out there. 

Thoughts? Comments?

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Moderator Meckell

Re: Referrals

@MR What you're explaining is not something we offer. However, Thumbtack does have a referral program in which pros can refer other pros to join Thumbtack. If you have a colleague who offers the same service you do, there's a good chance that the customer's job you're seeing is in their Jobs tab as well. A good workaround is maybe letting them know about the job and that it might be a good fit for them. 


Thanks for this suggestion! 

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Re: Referrals

@Meckell  My post is referencing people who are alredy on the TT platform so the referral program you mention is irrelevant.

Also, I have compared notes with a couple of other attorneys with the same services offered in the area and it is not the case that we all see the same thing in the Jobs tab. In reality, from what we can tell it is pretty random, and because the volume is so low (meaning at best 3-6 new jobs in job tab per week for each of us) we can be sure we are not all seeing the same jobs. 

In this cae, letting them know of a job I see is of no use to them because they cannot access the job unless it is in the jobs tab - which it many times is in mine, but not theirs. I have even had cases that are far from me but still appear in my jobs tab, but are close to my collegue... and they dont see it in their jobs tab.