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Roadblocks To The Community

When I am working in my Thumbtack dashboard (where else would a Pro be when he is trying to use Thumbtack?), I at times would like to pop into the community and perhaps even stop by the water cooler. I might even wish to drop a note into the suggestion box.

Think of this water cooler in the traditional way we might find it in a brick-and-mortar corporate office where we might have a career. The water cooler might be a short walk down the hall from our primary office.

Now, follow along with me on my journey through Thumbtack.

After logging in as a Professional and siting down at my desk, I made my first stop at my Inbox/Inbox (don't you just love the redundancy?) where I had hoped to find messages from eager customers who want me to send them a quote or ask for a phone call or check on my schedule. While there at my Inbox/Inbox I find no easy straightforward way to the water cooler. So, I think maybe Thumbtack wants me to stay focused on my work so I drop one line down to my Inbox/Sent Quotes. But I sure didn't see anything there that needed my attention so I wanted to find that water cooler to see how all my Professional friends were doing. I still could not find any quick way to the water cooler. No, sadly again I am disappointed. So I push on to see if maybe the Inbox/Archives would be a way to find the Water Cooler. Nope. Again I am overcome by a sad emoticon all over my face.

So now I go up to the main entrance where I walk over to another part of the office and stop by the Jobs Office. (Not to be confused with the Steve Jobs office). While in the Jobs (let's call it a "Tab") I went looking down memory lane and wanted to look at all the Jobs that never made it to being hired for this sorry excuse for a Pro. So I scrolled down to the bottom of the page. YES! YAY!!! I found it! Well, no, I found the Community. But it still was not a direct path to the water cooler. So maybe I had missed the hallway that leads to the water cooler. Most corporate offices make it a whole lot easier to find the water cooler, but maybe things have changed since I last worked at that Fortune 500 Company so many years ago. Maybe the younger generation doesn't need water any more. Whadaya think?

Now back to the main entrance and I slide over one tab to find my Services. I poked my nose around there a while to be sure there was no hidden door like there would be in the Legend of Zelda. Nope. No way to the water cooler down this rabbit hole. So I next went to my Profile Tab. And after scrolling several pages I find the door to the Community. Again.

Tomorrow I will come back as a customer. They at least get a direct path to the Community. But not the water cooler. I may have to pass through security one more time to get a bit of water. Is water being rationed to the professionals?

Note to self: Bring water from home tomorrow.

Request to Thumbtack: Make the navigation through the Thumbtack Application a LOT more direct to the places we might want to work and hang out.

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Re: Roadblocks To The Community

@HansenJC thanks for sharing about your continued interest in the Community and the water cooler page in particular. Adding a way to directly access the Community forum to the pro side of the app/site is something we're hoping to eventually have happen. Unfortunately, getting this done is just a bit more complicated than it at first seems. In the meantime, if you wish to be able to quickly navigate to the water cooler I suggest adding it to your favorites or bookmarking it in your browser.

Are there any other pros that would like to see this happen as well? In terms of having the Community more easily accessible through the pro app/site. 

Re: Roadblocks To The Community

@Kameron I think it would help to let Pros more easily view the updates that have been taking place if they can be aware that changes are being made. It could cut down on the confusion when things aren't working right.

(I hope I've put this in the proper forum, so it doesn't get deleted!)

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