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September Product Update Roundup:

Will this month's Update mention the following:

1) Any areas in addition to Dallas, TX where TT is giving refunds for ghosts?

2) An overhaul of how reviews are posted and by whom?

3) The return of the notification feature that informs us when our customers have read our quotes?


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2 responses

Re: September Product Update Roundup:

@ChefOfAllSeason we won't be doing a September Product Update roundup however I'm happy to give you more clarification on the following:
1) Refunds are available in a few other areas beyond Dallas. We will have more to share on this in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

2) Are you referring to reviews that pros receive from customers? If so, pros are able to see who posted the review and when they posted it. 

3) This isn't something I've heard any update on, however, we're still actively taking feedback on this! 

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Re: September Product Update Roundup:

@Meckell Thank you for your speedy response. 

We do not know why no Product Updates were offered for September. I think it fair to give us all the data available concerning refunds. This ought to be in October's Update

I am indeed referring to reviews we receive from customers. A major change in how they are posted is necessary. Thumbtack must allow only customers who have hired us for work to post their reviews after the work is complete. This has been a hot topic for a long time. To allow a preliminary review is unsound, unfair, and unethical. 


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