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Community Manager DustiO
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Shout out to our women entrepreneurs in Oakland!

We had the privilege of meeting with 20 of our best female pros last week in Oakland, in celebration of Women’s History Month. The energy in the room was incredible. Being in the presence of so many women with such spirit, hustle, and determination, was so humbling and inspiring.

We met Jen, a body paint artist who airbrushed at the Super Bowl. Shirin, who used to study French but realized she was happiest with her hands in the earth, so she became a landscape architect. Celia, who had a near fatal accident, and during recovery decided to take her life back and pursue her passion for art. Angela, who formerly owned a post-production film company, but let that go in order to be a mom to three beautiful babies, all who have food allergies. She began cooking specialty foods for her children and from that, a catering company was born.

Every single woman who stood up had an incredible story of perseverance and grit.

We were able to talk about the challenges that we face as women business owners, as well as challenges that pros are facing on Thumbtack - and to talk about what we could do to better partner with our pros. My hope is that we can all continue to support and encourage each other, on and off of Thumbtack. 

Comment on this thread to tell us more about yourselves, and let us know what you would like to see at future meet-ups.

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Re: Shout out to our women entrepreneurs in Oakland!

It was so great to finally meet you, Dusti! This was a great first meeting and I think the main thing to change is to reduce intro time. I was hoping for more time to mingle and to have a proper Q&A, so perhaps we can select a few women each upcoming meeting to be a panel and rotate. I think it's great to have everyone together in one room and some topics I think we can all learn and grow from are: marketing on Thumbtack, following up with clients, and creating memorable impressions. 

Community Manager DustiO
Community Manager

Re: Shout out to our women entrepreneurs in Oakland!

@PatriciaN Yes! I love the idea of having a panel!!! And it was SO great meeting you too - you're kind of famous around here...