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Small business trends for 2018.

Someone talk business with me.
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Re: Small business trends for 2018.

Hi @Richstanesic!

I have owned a wedding cake company for a little over 12 years. I got in to baking, because my mom used to go CRAZY baking for the holidays and from a very young age, I was her sous chef. I also love to draw and paint and cakes were just kind of a natural path for me.

I've been a pro on Thumbtack for 4 years. And I joined the Thumbtack team a year ago today!

Let's talk! How did you get started? What brought you to Thumbtack? What are you hoping to accomplish in the near or distant future?

Looking forward to learning more about you!


hand painted cake.jpgOlive branch cake.jpgPink ombre cake.jpgSequin cake.jpgWedding+Cake1+-+Fondant+Ruffle+Bling+Cake.jpg


Re: Small business trends for 2018.

I love how you got started with your business @DustiO, thanks for sharing! 

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Re: Small business trends for 2018.


Housing market is on the rise (bubble?)

Unemployment is low (for MN any way)

Fortnight is rapidly becoming the most additive thing in the world (i don't get it myself)


Re: Small business trends for 2018.

More and more leaning towards gig based employment for many skilled trades instead of employment and schedules.

Digital Marketing increasingly becomes more important as it continues to evolve and has changed focus into being more content driven with pictures, videos blogging and constant contact relationship marketing looking to be the best way to reach more jaded advertising wary millenials who stand to inherit the boomers and become the new face on the dollar were chasing.

Younger buyers have also become increasingly more interested in companies they do business, which has been a boon for small businesses as hand crafted,sustainable, local and green become search words and they seek out those owners who are active in their communities and charity.






Re: Small business trends for 2018.

Thanks for your input @davesfastmoves and welcome to the Community! 

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