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Community Manager DustiO
Community Manager

So great meeting our Philadelphia area pros!

I had the chance to meet many of our Philly area pros last week. What an incredible city filled with amazing people! 

From lunch with pros, to an awesome evening event, to a panel of Top Pros - talking to our pros face to face, hearing their stories, sharing their successes, and listening to their concerns is by far the most fulfilling part of this job.

Philadelphia was also an insanely cool city and I can't wait to go back (next time I'll be sure to eat a Philly Cheesesteak... I can't believe I didn't do that this time).

What did you think of the event - what types of meet-ups would you like to see in your city in the future?

@LZDNVG@EHasierPhoto@Elisha_Carter@mlanko4893@shafiqmallory49@TJW_Carpentry@PadoveAppraisal@KleanNKlear@Alilewisinterio@Richardm@Bokboxx, and everyone else that was there - let us know what you thought!

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TackMaster LZDNVG

Re: So great meeting our Philadelphia area pros!


I had the best time at the Philly Pro event and I enjoyed being on the pro panel. I especially loved getting to learn from and share with other pros as well as the amazing Thumbtack employees I met. I learned a lot from the other pros on the panel and I enjoyed hearing them speak about their expertise. @shafiqmallory49 and @EHasierPhoto were awesome! It was also great speaking with @keepitkleen right before the panel! AND SERIOUSLY, Lindy gave me some amazing and valuable feedback during my profile consultation, she's a genius! 

Recently, Marco Zappacosta (CEO) said, “In our industry, you hear a lot of talk about the future of work. What I’ve come to believe — because I see it every day — is that the entrepreneurial spirit of independent professionals is the most precious resource we have as a society. They’re the ones transforming the economy. Here at Thumbtack, it’s our job to help them get there.”... and I have to honestly say, I felt the love and the support he's talking about at the Philly event. I talked to quite a few Thumbtack employees from various departments and I not only enjoyed all of my conversations, I learned so much from but also got to give a lot of feedback, and most would even take notes to make sure to bring it up when they got back to the office. I love that Smiley Happy Special thanks to @DustiO@Travis_Turner, Craig, Lindy, Allyson, @Kameron, and all of the other pros who flew out to Philadelphia and worked hard to put on a fun, insightful, information, and beautiful event!

Community Manager DustiO
Community Manager

Re: So great meeting our Philadelphia area pros!

@LZDNVG - I’m not crying, you’re crying! 😭

Thank you for being your amazing self. I have the best job on earth.