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Some Problems in the TT Search System

My last post was deleted, so I'll try to get more specific in hopes that someone at Thumbtack will actually pay attention to the severe problems with their design and address them.

I was a top pro (pretty much at will) for a number of years, I was hired over 100 times. I have 90+ 5 star reviews. I'm also highly successful as a fulltime professional headshot photographer in my local market. So let's just put aside any discussion of quality or qualifications; they're entirely unwarranted.

Next, let me explain the scenario. I'm NOT currently listed in the search results that a customer would execute on Thumbtack for 'Headshot Photography' in my specific zip code of operation. That's right - I'm not even listed. Some people that ARE listed exhibit rather poor quality of work - on par with beginners, students and hobby photographers; others are medicre to good.

When I contact support, I'm told that I need to be mindful of this stuff:

  • Turning on targeting preferences to boost ranking
  • Responding quickly to any new leads
  • A complete profile 
  • How many reviews you have

Check, check, check and check. Then I'm told that my response speed is the issue. Response to what exactly? I haven't been contacted in 6 months. And now response time is the ONLY thing that matters?

I created a new profile as an experiment. Same business type in same area. Didn't even setup my profile at ALL. I've never responded to ANYONE through this account; let alone established a 'good' response time. It has zero reviews. I immediately started to receive leads for Headshot Photography that my main account did not.

Thumbtack - please explain this ridiculous and inappropriate behavior of your algorhythm. If you want to claim that you're connecting customers with the best matched / most qualified pros, you're going to need to explain this situation to everyone I think if you want claim your relevance in local markets.

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Re: Some Problems in the TT Search System

Johnny, are you a photographer in Florida?  You wrote such a great post about the current flaws in the current TT system last week that I even bookmarked it and today I couldn't find it.  I guess they deleted it?  That's unfortunate because I totally agreed with your issues.  I'm also a headshot photographer in Los Angeles.  Been with Thumbtack since 2013, been in business for 18 years, hired 77 times on TT, Top Pro multiple times and I'm in Santa Monica which is a specific part of LA and I also don't show up when people search for me until way, way down.  And my profile has 51 photos, 6 Past Projects, background check, Santa Monica zip code, etc.  Being with them since 2013, Top Pro Status and 77 hires alone should put me on the top.  And I can't even sell myself like I used to when I would bid for jobs in the old TT system.  That way worked really well for me.  I would get so many jobs through TT and now I get none and it has affected my business tremendously.  

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Re: Some Problems in the TT Search System

One more very relevant point which I don't think TT really takes into account at all:

The most successful and busy pros are exactly the ones that will struggle to respond quickly to incoming requests; after all, I'm shooting for hours at a time most / many days of the week. I can't drop what I'm doing in a client session every time the TT text comes in. So again, how I am supposed to fix this chicken and egg problem? TT tells me that my response time is essentially the ONLY issue. Doesn't make any sense at all if they're truly focused on promoting the most qualified professionals. Less qualified professionals will inherantly be the ones that can respond immediately every time.

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my struggle is that my service is significantly different...

my struggle is that my service is significantly different then other companies and I would like a way to target leads based on the value and quality of services they need.  I offer my services to one customer that is very impressed and then the same service to another customer is completely unappreciated.  I would like to go into further detail on how we might implement a way for my target customers to value my services based on their needs not just the location and size of the job.  Qualitative analysis of my customer base would really  increase the value of my leads and increase the value of my service.  Let me know if your interested in discussing this further.  Thanks, Tyler

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