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Re: Sorry John (See Screen Shot)

Not sure about that although I wonder @ChefOfAllSeason  if the quote gets sent out at all. If you notice after you send a quote from the Jobs tab, you'll see at the top of the page where it states, 'We'll let you know if someone responds' Or words to that effect. I do know that it does state the we'll let you know part. Why is that statement even needed? I should be hearing from the customer. Why is TT going to let me know if someone responds? There is no longer any notification that JP’s have even viewed your quote. I haven't had a JP respond to me from the Jobs tab in over 5 months now. TT took that feature away as mentioned earlier today in this same discussion by me this past February. The majority of the time I don't know I have jobs in there until hours have passed & the JP has already contacted multiple pros. I work a full-time job. I’m not waiting by my phone or computer 24/7/365 checking out the Jobs tab. Used to be you would get a text & e-mail notification that a JP submitted a request. Alas that's not happening anymore either. 

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Re: Sorry John (See Screen Shot)

@ChefOfAllSeason that is correct. That was confirmed to us on this board several months ago. This is part of TT's way of 'encouraging' Pros to leverage Promote.


Re: Sorry John (See Screen Shot)

@RCPS : Thank you for your speedy response to my question. I just read it and am still in shock. How can this be? Why would they not notify the JP that a professional is interested in servicing them? If they ghost, I am not charged anyway. The logic of this escapes me. 

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Customer Alerts

I have heard on these Community Boards that whenever I post a response and quote for any accepted lead, the Job Poster (JP) may or may not receive notification in their emails or texts. This is a reflection of their preferences and it makes total sense; not everyone wants to be contacted that way. For these JP's, their notification is made in their Thumbtack account message box only. This has been confirmed by customer support. All well and good.

Now for my concern as a consumer who pays for a product: I have no way of knowing upon which of these mediums the JP is to be notified. This impacts greatly on my professional preferences. When I see a lead in either the Jobs Tab or Inbox, it is necessary for me to know how the customer will be informed that my response and quote was sent. This data is the most essential factor used to evaluate any lead's value. The calculation used for the cost of the lead is not the same as that employed for it's value.

To determine any lead's value, the first step in my algorithm is to know how a customer is notified. Here are  my three simple steps of projected ROI:

1) JP is notified only in their Thumbtack message box. This is a pass.

2) JP is notified in their email and Thumbtack message box. This is a maybe.

3) JP is notified by email, text, and Thumbtack message box. This is an accept.

I mention ROI because that is the secondary consideration. If the JP is not engaged or interested enough to want an email, then that is a sure indicator of a lack of enthusiasm. They have already moved on before I responded; as shall I.

The JP notified by email is a maybe because there could be other factors in the lead's data and overall presentation that garners some consideration.

The JP who wants to be notified by all three is a good bet, Very high probability that this customer is ready to do business. The only data that would deter my accepting this lead is if more than 5 Pros are bidding for it.

Currently, Thumbtack policy does not allow us to know anything about how the customer chooses to be notified by Thumbtack. When I am a customer on this site, as have been recently, I asked to be notified in all ways possible. Why not? I am a serious shopper and not here to fool around with frivolous salutations and other such frippery.

At present, I refrain from any commentary as to whether this current policy is agreeable or not. My input on the matter is not altogether relevant. What matters to me is knowing when a lead is worth pursuing. 

If their were a preference setting for pros to set that allowed us to know this essential data, it would no doubt inspire me to spend more on leads. Much more.