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Re: TT is INFLATING the number of views we actually get!!

@Meckell @Kameron  thanks for your resonses. It's too bad that the Instant Match feature went away. I did not know that! I also didn't know that it was something completely different from promoting my services.

In April when I contacted support about it and that wasn't even mentioned. But it's good to know now. I will look at other avenues to bring back lost business.Screenshot 2019-06-20 15.28.17.pngLate April 2019-NowScreenshot 2019-06-20 15.18.46.pngEarly 2019 Attached is the amount of activity I recieved not that long ago in my email and as of the first week of May it's declined exponentially.

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On time and on budget!

Now that TT lifted my ban from the forum....

Yup, exactly! I used to bid up to 20 jobs a day! I'm not even getting the opportunity to bid 20 jobs a month now!!! Business is down by 80% this year and I'm freaking out!!!!

Re: TT is INFLATING the number of views we actually get!!

I tried to reply in this issue and tt will not even allow that.
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Re: TT is INFLATING the number of views we actually get!!

WoW, Doesn't THAT just Inspire confidence ! AmaZing What's Happened Here _ Really Sad AND all Self-Inflicted _ So much for the Free and Open exchange of Ideas  Smiley Sad