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TackMaster GSAccounting

TackMaster Event - Pittsburgh

Hi All,


I wanted to take a few minutes to share about the TackMaster event I was able to host in Pittsburgh last Tuesday.

We had about 13 Thumbtack pros who came to Stuff'd Pierogi Bar get to know each other better, discuss their businesses, and eat pierogies (a Pittsburgh food staple).  No one wanted to leave!  The event was scheduled to end at 9, but most people were still there around 9:30 or later.


I had a set agenda scheduled, but quickly abandoned it because everyone was getting along so well I didn't want to interrupt the conversations.  We did take a few minutes for everyone to have a chance to introduce themselves and their company to the groups.  I know I left with a few people I will meet with individually again as well as a few new potential clients.

If you ever get invited to a TackMaster Meet Up, I strongly encourage you to attend.  It will be worth your time and help grow your business!IMG_2338.JPEGIMG_2339.JPEGIMG_2340.JPEGIMG_2341.JPEG


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Re: TackMaster Event - Pittsburgh

@mrjuzwa@Tommycain@Kukucka520, it was so great meeting you all! I have never wished more that I had given myself more time in a city!!! Thanks for coming out and thank you, @GSAccounting for hosting such a fantastic night!

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