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Community Manager

Taking time for self-care.

Every year in July I take my kids on a road trip. Just me, and my two kids. Trapped in a car for 10 days. I like to say that it's the only time during the year when they are forced to hang out with and talk to me. (Don't worry, they do this willingly). 

We all look forward to it every year. They are awesome road trip companions, aside from the fact that they sleep A LOT. We laugh, we talk, we share, we come home with a million new inside jokes. But most of all, we recharge

No matter what life has thrown at us over the previous year (this year has brought a lot of change for our family), we know this is the time where we can be together to reconnect, relax, and renew. I did this when I was a business owner and even now as a part of the Thumbtack team, this is something that I will always do. I understand the importance of taking time for self-care. 

As business owners and entrepreneurs, it can be especially challenging - many of you wear all the hats and it can seem impossible to take time for yourself.

What do you all do to make time for self-care? 

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 4.17.12 PM.pngWe drove our car through a tree in the Redwoods!IMG_5592.JPGWe also visited our old home in Portland Smiley Happy

We just got back from our trip this year, and I am recharged and ready for more hard work and many incredible things to come for our pro community!