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Testing Out an Intro Video

Hey guys.  I'm kinda curious to see if this will give my page any additional engagement or help me pull a few more clients.

I've learned that people tend to hire photographers based on the fact that they feel comfortable with the person they're hiring.  So, I shot a video introducing myself, how I got into photography, what it's like working with me, and what kind of equipment I use.

Honestly, the video is WAY too long.  I gotta condense it quite a bit.  But, I'd love to hear some feedback from you all on the video.

How's my audio quality?

How's my video quality?

(Be Honest) How far did you get before you wanted to exit out of the video?

1-10 did you enjoy the video?

I added it to my thumbtack page already just to test it out, but will like to hear some feedback from you all in the meantime.



Patrick Skinner
CLG Photography
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Re: Testing Out an Intro Video

@CLGPatrick this is such a great idea! I hope you get feedback from other pros here in the Community Smiley Happy