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Thank you Thumbtack for saving designers like me thousands.

Hi my name is Billy Park. I run a movement of freelancers raising a voice and an action against freelance exploitation called We The Freelancers. We welcome all freelancers to join. We have been on Thumbtack pretty hard over the last few months to add budget requirements to their job leads for several categories. 

I awoke this morning to some great news for our thousands of members. It seems the unthinkable has happened Thumbtack has added real budget numbers to their Web Site Design leads. I want to thank Thumbtack for doing that. It means so much to me as a designer and countless other web designers out there. No more wasting money on leads where the client cannot even afford our services. It literally saves us thousands of dollars a year. I grab leads and fill out proposals for work from a lot of job sites, and most I feel have no interest in truly helping designers, but instead most just want to make as much money off my creativity as they can.  Thumbtack  I feel like you are one of a very small list who is in freelancers corner. Thank you so much for doing that. Keep up the good work. Hope you add budget requirements to logo design soon. So many wasted leads on people who on a few bucks to spend on a logo. Thanks one last time Thumbtack.

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Re: Thank you Thumbtack for saving designers like me thousands.

@AdDawg Hi Billy, I'm so happy that you're excited about this. We wouldn't have made this change without all of the amazing feedback we receive, so thank YOU to you and other pros for always giving us your suggestions. Keep the feedback coming Smiley Happy