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Thanks for the Gig, Dusti O

One good thing that came out of me attending the Thumbtack Pro event in Los Angeles was getting to meet @DustiO and @JasonB face to face. They actually seemed to be genuinely happy to meet me in person and thanked me for being so active in the forum. I was skeptical about their pleasant smiles at first because I had been quite vocal about my displeasure with some of Thumbtack's new policies and dissatisfied with Dusti's and Jason's responses to my complaints.

However! It seems like Dusti was indeed sincere when she said it was great to meet me. A few weeks after the event, she called me up and told me they needed a great face painter for a birthday party. This was a big deal for Thumbtack because it was a celebrity's kid. This was an ideal gig: lots of hours, great workspace, friendly clients and no one haggled about my price! Dusti got me all the info I need and even full payment in advance. And after the gig, the client told her I was a "Big Hit!" 

Thanks @DustiO for the gig and for having faith in me even after all my snarky comments. It was nice working WITH Thumbtack in this capacity for a change instead of Thumbtack only being the middle man.  Smiley Happy

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Community Manager DustiO
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Re: Thanks for the Gig, Dusti O

@Denise This is awesome! These are the kinds of things that really make me love my job. 

Thank you for doing such an amazing job and for making their day even more special!


Moderator Meckell

Re: Thanks for the Gig, Dusti O

Thanks for sharing @Denise! I'm glad you were able to meet Dusti and Jason in person, they're pretty great Smiley Happy Congrats on the job and for being such a big hit, that's something to be proud of. 

Moderator Kameron

Re: Thanks for the Gig, Dusti O

@Denise this is so awesome to hear! Stories like this make me even more excited to meet more of our pros in person. Thanks for sharing and way to make a great impression on the job!