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The Pro Lounge... Beneficial To The Pro's ?

I think we are ragging on the Moderators too much. While I think they are as frustrated as we are with the lack of progress, it would be refreshing to hear them admit it. I think they honestly try to pass on our complaints and suggestgions for improvement to the higher-ups, and are stone-walled just the same.

Which brings up the question: Is the Forum available to everyone without bias to express their concerns, or is it a useless expression of ideas that produce no results?

How many items, that we have suggested, have been put into effect? I know of nothing...can anyone show me wrong? Are we wasting our time? Has our lack of results caused the formation of a separate Facebook page for Pro's to vent? Is there something else we can do to effect change?



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Re: The Pro Lounge... Beneficial To The Pro's ?

@Digitalwhims thank you for empathizing with us and recognizing our efforts here in the Community. It means a lot to hear that the work we put in here each day is noticed Smiley Happy

Ultimately, I can without a doubt say that we are in no way frustrated with the lack of progress Thumbtack has made. We've come a long way to get to this point in the new system. With it came great success for a large number of pros, and customers with projects checked off their to-do list. There are pros sharing frustrations here in the Community based on their experience, and those of course can be hard for Meckell and I to hear. When those are coming up we do what we can to answer questions, give tips, and take pro feedback.

When feedback is shared it's in no way a "useless expression of ideas". Any constructive ideas and feedback based on pro experiences with the site, or in reference to the service that the pro offers specifically, are always going to be a huge help to us and our teams going forward as we work to make improvements. While you may not see changes always directly reflect pro suggestions and ideas, know that they are always being considered and have a large influence. 

Here are some updates made that I think reflect pro feedback that we've seen mentioned in the Community:

Per Day Business Hours
- Customer Demo
- Review Organization
- Improved Targeting
- Saved Replies
- Past Projects

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Re: The Pro Lounge... Beneficial To The Pro's ?

OK Guys...I have to agree that you have accomplished some things (although some of them were put into effect without Forum influence), and, quite frankly, are minor in nature. What I was asking for was if there were  any momentous changes as a result of the Forum influence. I personally find it distressing to read Pro's complaints and concerns. I love Thumbtack as a company and have no complaints, and, reading all the Pro's complaints, however well justified, is a real downer. Denny

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Re: The Pro Lounge... Beneficial To The Pro's ?

@Digitalwhims I hear you that it can certainly be disheartening to read through many posts that come from a place of frustration. Just know that we are seeing many pros finding success on the site as well and that you will at times see those voices here in the Community. If you're looking to read something of a different tone here are some threads that I strongly recommend:

- Proudest Moment as a Business Owner?
Stories of the Self Made
Photographer with Some Actual Success
Is Anyone Having Success (serious question)?
Business is Booming!
Congratulations to our January 2019 class of Top Pros!


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Re: The Pro Lounge... Beneficial To The Pro's ?


Providing links to how some Pros like the new system is one thing, but I think that what  @Digitalwhims is trying to say "How many items, that we have suggested have been put into effect?"  is how many of our suggestions have been passed on and implemented. If I'm wrong in my understanding of what you are trying to say, @Digitalwhims please let me know

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Re: The Pro Lounge... Beneficial To The Pro's ?

That's right!  It's disheartening when you suggest something, that gets passed on "to the team" that neither gets implemented nor notified of its' progress.