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The Support Team

The majotity of responses from moderators and service reps is that they "will forward our feedback to the support team." 99% of the Pros posting on these boards find certain changes such as: promote, spikes in lead cost, ghosts and vaguely worded leads unsatisfactory. It seems the same two responses come back to us: either we are sent a link to material that we are already familiar with, or the moderator will pass our problems on to the support team.

My question is who are they? Are they qualified professionals or retirees in the same goods and service fields as us? Why do they never address us? Why can we not address them?

It's nice that the moderators take time to tell us how understanding they are of our feelings and frustrations; but we are not looking for comforts and platitudes. We need solid answers and solutions from those who can provide them.

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Re: The Support Team


Us moderators and our support teams are here to help pros that use Thumbtack as best we can. This can all vary from questions about how certain features work, the refund or review policies, troubleshooting errors, any strategic tips we can give to help with your account/profile, etc. 

We're also here to have discussions with pros about their feedback. While us moderators and our support staff aren't the ones that directly make changes to how Thumbtack works, we do all that we can to gather specific feedback from pros so that we can document and share that with our teams that work on the development of the site.

We've hosted many Q&A's with Thumbtack employees that are apart of these teams right here in the Community. You can take a look and read through those by using the search function and entering in keywords like "Q&A".

If you haven't already, I'd be sure to check out our recent post about pro feedback specifically in this thread here: Keeping you in the feedback loop

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Re: The Support Team

@Kameron :

I guess the questions asked ought to be rephrased. 

Are any of the people responsible for making policy decisions qualified professionals in the goods and services industries that we, the Pros are a part?

Thank you!


Re: The Support Team

We’ve had a few amazing pros that loved the Thumbtack mission so much they decided to apply and become employees just like @DustiO.

We as a company do a lot of things to get that perspective because we know just how important it is. As I already mentioned feedback from pros is huge and it’s one of the main ways that we can get information and perspective on each trade that pros offer. We do our best to gather this in the ways I’ve mentioned (Community/Support) and I’ll add in person as well at all of our Thumbtack pro events.

We’ve also have had various focus groups/panels of pros that we’ve established relationships within particular categories so that we can discuss various topics with them. Be sure to check out this post about our TackMaster program.

Lastly, I’ll mention that all Thumbtack employees are encouraged to use the site as a customer as often as possible. This can help us see places where we can improve and share that feedback with each other. We also have a number of employees that use the pro side of the app as well. Some use it as a small side hustle and others have gone on to grow their own full-on business.

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Re: The Support Team


Your efforts at offering  extra information about who listens to feedback are nice, but you still have not answered the question.

Tack Masters and folks like Dusti O are no doubt exemplary Professionals in their fields; but they are not in charge of implementing policy, are they?

Will you tell us, The Pro Community in a YES or NO answer if the makers of Thumb Tack policy are professionals in the same fields and industries as us?

Please do so. Thank you. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: The Support Team

@ChefOfAllSeason There are many people who contribute to the teams who make decisions and changes at Thumbtack - yes, some of us are or have been professionals in these fields. We also take into consideration all of the feedback, suggestions, ideas from professionals in those fields - that is why we make sure to pass all of the feedback along to the right teams.

If you have feedback specific to your category, the more specific you can get, the better. We can then pass it along to the team who manages your category. While it would be great to employ a fulltime professional in each of our nearly 1000 categories, it just isn't possible - so PLEASE keep your feedback coming!

If you'd like any more information about the various ways that we do collect and synthesize feedback, please let me know and check out this article on the feedback process.

Thank you!

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Re: The Support Team


I have read the link you suggested and so far all (except one) of the features we need are not implemented. The only positive real change has been the distance drop down on the jobs tab. This is something, but, sadly, not much. 

Now for some feedback on how you may improve the lead template for the Pros in Food Service:

I am a Caterer and Cooking Skills Instructor in Connecticut. Specificity is essential for understanding a potential client's needs as well as giving an appropriate response. A few examples are:

Wedding/Event Catering as a category. Why is this labeled as such? Just call it Event Catering, you already have a subcategory for weddings. Speaking of subcategories, "bridal/baby shower". Really? Can you honestly say are the same thing? Break them up into two categories. Imagine how awkward a response message would sound if I wrote "I look forward to making your shower a memorable event!" Sounds fishy, yes? Wouldn't "I look to making your bridal shower a memorable event!". See the difference? Rather than send up another pto tips link, How about a quick repair to this one?

Ok, here's another: Number of guests: 50-99. 25-49. 6-10. Why not just have the potential client simply type in a number? They can change it later after the deal is sealed. Happens all the time. No problem. Ok, one more: Budget- $30-$40, $50-$75, $75-$100. Sometimes they pick one, sometimes two, sometimes all three and sometimes nothing. I don't know what algorithm you use, but if it is based on zero, I'm curious. 

The majority of leads are coming in that are vague and have Ghost written all over them. This is why I can not use promote. Why pay for leads that look like this? I promote Cooking Skills Instruction because it's dirt cheap and has very little competition. But if the price per lead goes higher than $20 per month, that gets clicked off too. You see, My profile is super strong. My 5 star  reviews on TT and Google are numerous and my response messages are top notch and within the suggested guidelines of TT. That's it.

If you really want to do the right thing here, improve your product. No one wants shoddy merchandise. TT used be sooooo awesome! Just turn back the clock 2 years and all is well. 

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Re: The Support Team

I AGREE _ "TT used to be sooooo awesome! Just turn back the clock 2 years and all is well"  _ I'll have to wholeheartedly agree with you.  "Used to Be" is absolutely the Operative Word these days. How unfortunate. Particularly when you consider that ALL this has been and continues to be "Self-inflicted" and if I didn't know better (LoL) all at our expense. It's no longer Funny ~ {now watch This Post will get pulled}      

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Re: The Support Team

We have suffered from the changes