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Thumbtack Employees

It's amazing the response time I get once I post something critical about Thumbtack and it's overpricing. I can't get a phone call in and I'm a Top Pro. I have used this site for 8 years, for the lat year, it's been great until last fall when they allowed 15 quotes per request-that killed it for me. It's also allowed price qouging, I have clients who have called me to tell me other photographers are doing that to get the job. Terrible. Plus, it allows really bad work to get put up and people are buying into really bad photography. I won't be a part of a site that allows mediocrity and unprofessional behavior. 

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Community Manager DustiO
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Re: Thumbtack Employees

@dback48 It's great that we were able to provide a faster response here! I am a pro on Thumbtack myself, and have been for several years before joining the team here. I replied to your post, because I sincerely want to help you have a better experience. 

As far as other pros and their pricing goes - unfortunately we don't have any control over how a pro decides to price his/her work. If a customer wants to hire a pro who delivers poor quality - that is up to them. In my experience (I work in the wedding industry, making cakes, so I have run in to this numerous times) - if a customer doesn't want to pay what I feel my work and time are worth, then I don't want to work with that customer. Let your work speak for itself. Potential customers - the kinds of customers who can see value and not just price, will come. You have over 80 hires on Thumbtack - you are obviously great at what you do - and something seems to be working!

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