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Thumbtack Goes Beyond The Call Of Duty

We are probably almost all guilt of posting things about businesses mostly when we are unhappy. Trying to keep it level so I want to thank Thumbtack for going the extra mile in trying to get the system to work for my very small (just me) computer repair business.

Because I cant collect payment until I have performed the work I have been "burned" several times by customers who magically disappeared once the job was completed.

Thumbtack went way beyond the call of duty and attempted to resolve it. We were not successful in my getting paid for the work however considering what we are all actually paying Thumbtack for are leads this really is impressive customer service.

They have also spent several hours on the phone with me discussing the issues I have had and finding ways to improve it for everyone involved.

Thank you Thumbtack!





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Re: Thumbtack Goes Beyond The Call Of Duty

@thattechjeff I'm really sorry to hear that you've had that sort of experience happen with past customers. Hopefully moving forward you've picked up some possible things to try in order to protect yourself from this in the future. Maybe you can even pick up some possible tips from other pros here in the Community. This other thread has some great thoughts shared to another pro with a similar situation, feel free to read through HERE. Thanks so much for sharing this shout out to our support staff they really do want what's best for our pros and will do all they can to help in all situations. 

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Re: Thumbtack Goes Beyond The Call Of Duty

This is not unsual.  I have been "burned" more than a few times by Thumbtack customers who disappear before paying.  The only solution is to have them pre-pay which is not feasible in this industry.



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