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Thumbtack Pro input

Why is it that Pros or even Top Pros at thumbtacktack are not involved with the any decision process at all. We always learn about thumbtack decisions after they have been implemented and have no input into the process at all. This makes our (pros) business model more reactive to your business model and feeling as if we have no input or foresight to what's happening in the future. I would like to mention that I have been a top Pro for 3 years and I am very happy with Thumbtack but sometimes I find it hard to keep up with the ever-changing environment
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Re: Thumbtack Pro input

Thanks for starting this conversation @sttnyc. Being a Top Pro for three years is definitely an accomplishment, you should be proud of yourself!  A great amount of the changes and updates we make are based on feedback we receive from pros and customers. We highly value pro feedback and us here in the Community are always willing to have a conversation with you about your suggestions. 

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