Thumbtack poor customer service

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How come I receive better customer service from a pizza place that order maybe once a month from? Compared to thumbtack where I’m spending $600 a month on average. I don’t understand why every time I have a complaint thumbtack is so combative and argumentative about everything instead of just apologizing and trying to make the situation right. I believe Marco, you need to sit down with whoever is hiring your customer service reps and emake them understand the value of us contractors. I have maybe had 1 out 20 times where I was fairly treated, and apologized to for having to reach out with a complaint.

Re: Thumbtack poor customer service

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I agree with that. I am a licened contrator in California during the recession I worked in retail for about ten years had a lot of training. You are right their customer service is very poor. We have to remind them we pay them we are their customers. hopfully they will get the message and I think if they can fix those issues everyone will see a much better bottom line. Thanks mark S. Rowe CWS