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Top Pro Unanswered Leads

Hi all, 

This is my very first post here so if I say anything improper please correct me. That said, about 2/3 of my targeted leads never respond to my initial outreach email to them. I know how to outreach approriately and it's very frustrating to be charged for what I cal "flakey" leads. That leaves me with 3 options. 

1. Demand a refund from Thumbtack for all such unanswered targeted leads.

2. Quit Thumbtack and find another marketing vehicle.

3. Request that Thumbtack advise prospective targeted leads that there is no free lunch and that we Pros pay for their outreach to us.

I would be very interested in your thoughts. By the way, I'm a headshot photographer.


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Re: Top Pro Unanswered Leads

@sdannenbaum first, welcome to the Community! We're always happy to see a new face posting and engaging with other pros. 

This has been a common subject here in the Community and we recently launched our new Price Assurance policy to help pros. The policy includes unread refunds, shop-around savings, and discounts for auto-pay leads. For more information you can check out this article here: Price Assurance Terms.

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Re: Top Pro Unanswered Leads

Unfortunately, shortly after Thumbtack implemented “Price Assurance”, they announced at 19% increase in their “Wedding and Event Photography” prices for leads. This is a net negative based on the amount of “ghosting” that I experience. Thumbtack, PLEASE address our much discussed and reported suggestions for resolving or reducing “ghosting”.
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Re: Top Pro Unanswered Leads

 yes I'm having the same difficulties I think somehow the customer also needs to show their honesty that they're just not as I say kicking tires after all we have to pay are you sure we're paying for each and every lead

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Re: Top Pro Unanswered Leads

I've been w/TT since summer 2013; with over 400 hires.
I know I have at least one completed hire from a bid that was over a year old. I do type a date on my signature line on all my bids (the TT system does not always tell you how old the bid was).  If you shut down your TT profile, you could lose out on that type of business.

The TT policy for refunds on ghosting seem to be ever changing. To my surprise, I got a refund, without asking, on an auto-charge lead, a few days ago. I have TARGMOTE turned on for one category, and I have it set, such that only a very rare type of lead makes it through...and I get auto-charged. Maybe this helps me in my ranking in the listing of Pro's (who really knows these days)?  So, for number one: Yes, you should ask for a refund every time you are ghosted. I acknowledge that this can be tedious...and some Pro's hit the "why even try" point. 

Here is the deal: For many Pro's, TT was good in the past, and might be good in the future, but right now...not so much. So; many of us are trying to ride out the storm, and we are working hard at sourcing business from other places. 

Many Pro's, over the years, have suggested that Thumbtack be more transparent in explaining to Job Poster's (JP's) about how Thumbtack makes money.  Many Pro's have customer's who express surprise when they find out we pay to bid or contact them. So that idea is not new.

It may not be widely known: Job Poster's and even complete outsiders, are able to access this part of the TT website and view (but not comment on) discussions. Some JP's have posted they were very surprised when learning about Pro's being charged for contacts.

If 1/3 of your sent bids, are responding to you...even if they do not hire....that is pretty good, a lot of us (myself included) would love to have numbers like that.

Welcome to Thumbtack, Reese Turbin    Dec 06, 2019

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Re: Top Pro Unanswered Leads

I have been asking about this issue since I joined Thumbtack! My request has been if I pay upfront for the lead I should be provided their contact information so I can work it myself without Thumbtack as the middleman. However, after yesterday going back-and-forth with a customer service rep to get a refund on a flaky lead, which they refused by the way, I dropped from 3rd place to 12th place in the rankings. I may be paranoid, but that is a significant drop overnight after registering a complaint......
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