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TackMaster ChefPaulStaley

Re: Top pros

@MeckellIt has nothing to do with our profiles and 100% to do with the changes you as a comapny have made. This new system is ridiculous, with the pros being reduced to basically a Google/Yelp listing with the added deterrent of high prices. I didn't mind the price increase once it levelled out, but these new changes are absurd and in no way beneft the pros that have helped build Thumbtack. It needs to go back to the open bidding system that made TT and the related pros successful. I implore you to please look into my profile and see how business has plummeted since the new changes took place. It absolutely destroyed the 2nd half of my holiday season...

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Re: Top pros

Agreed. How did Top Pros go from leading in their field on Thumbtack to losing status and declining leads/not getting hired? The profiles were good enough to thrive in the old system? Thumbtack grew enough to starting advertising nationally on television primetime under the old system, which couldn happen if it wasn´t working for the Pros. I am genuinely trying to understand what has happened and why things are getting worse? I hope my comment is not removed.

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Re: Top pros

@Meckell, it isn't the profile that's the problem. 

The profile I have, the profile I have had for the last 6 years here...   got me plenty of leads in 2017 as a Top Pro.  A total of 94 hires through Thumbtack.   And before you changed the system in April, I was still doing okay.  25 leads from January to March... I'd have cleared 100 customers through Thumbtack this year if you hadn't messed with it.  

Instead, between Instant Match and Promoted, I've racked up 18 hires in the last 9 months...  and only 2 hires in the last two months. You've essentially turned Thumbtack into a more expensive version of Yelp.  

Now, how do you fix this?  I've given you my list before. 

  • Only charge per “hire”, not per contact. True, you run the risk of people contacting each other and not reporting hires, but since you need the hires and reviews to maintain Top Pro status, I don’t think most people would do that.
  • Make the cost of a hire only $10% of the cost of the average price.
  • Limit bidding to local providers, only. I thought this was the purpose of Thumbtack, to be a virtual bulletin board for community businesses. Someone has lost the plot. 
  • Go back to only having five quotes… If the customer isn’t happy with that, they can request five more with the original five being told “You already bid on this job”. 

I've shut off promoted, and really don't use Thumbtack anymore.  If someone finds me and contacts me, then I'll work with them but otherwise... 



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Re: Top pros

10% of a job is a little steep for me. I would prefer 5%.

One way for Thumbtack to reduce circumventing the system is to tell the JP that insurance is NOT in play unless the JP hit the hired button before the job took place, and obviously, the JP should only be able to HIRE ONE PRO for a posted job.  And, TT could ask the JP what the estimated invoice for the job was, and then charge the Pro a percentage of that number.

Thumbtack could let the job poster know that if they hire a Pro found through Thumbtack, but hired outside of Thumbtack, that if the Pro caused any type of damage...Thumbtack will vigorously fight paying any claim.

It's a simple message Thumbtack could send to the job-posters: 

Insurance coverage for work done by the Pro is NOT in play unless YOU hit the HIRED button before the work happens!!!!

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Re: Top pros

The new Promote system which by the way I don't use isn't working not because of a pros profile. It's because the leads after they respond with one of the conversation starter questions doesn't leave their phone number & e-mail address. Why? Because TT doesn't make that a mandatory requirement. All we are paying for & always have paid for is a name. That's it! You have to hope beyond hope that when you reach out to that lead they actually get back to you. I hear the same old tired excuses as to why TT can't find a way to require contact information from a customer. I've been a member of TT since 2009. Actively have been using TT as my sole source of getting customers since 2013. The latest one I've heard from Chris, a supposed support supervisor, back on 12/26/18, as to why they can't find a way to require or include contact information AFTER the lead reaches out using the conversation starter question which, by the way, means they have made their decision on which service pros they would like to hear from? I was told "This only results in less requests, less contacts, less jobs, and less money for our pros". Does that make any sense to any of you service pros out there? It sure as heck doesn't to me. I've also suggested this starter question. The only one that is really needed in my opinion "I read your profile & your reviews. I really like what I’ve read. Your reviews are awesome! I would love to speak to you further about my event. Please call me at (insert phone number here). My e-mail address is (insert e-mail address here). Thank you." TT CAN have the lead include their phone number & e-mail address AFTER the lead reaches out & have eliminated the service pros they do not want to contact or hear from. They just WON'T do it. By the way there is nothing wrong with my profile. It's super strong & has 47 reviews averaging 5 stars.

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Re: Top pros

You can no longer give any more tips Meckel.  The system doesn't work.  Well - it doesn't work if you want to use Thumbtack as a way to generate a customer base and a platform to use to book new clients on a monthly bases that is cost effective.  It is not possible.  You can say all you want - but it is not possible.  Read what the pros are saying.  The past Top Pros have spoken as well as all the new pros.  It's been a few months now so Thumbtack can measure the success of their changes.  I find it highly impossible if anyone using this platform was having great success on a monthly bases.  And since Marco claimed his whole reason for changing the platform was based on 80% of customers were NOT getting resposes . . . .     well I am sure that every new interested customer is getting a response now and TT is now getting a return on those 80% he was missing out on.  But who is booking jobs?  Consistantly?  As before?   My business dropped off 100% due to the drastic changes.  TT made changes solely to address the 80% that were not getting resposnes.  Marco has said that many many times.  In print, in video and in person to me.  So . . . . .    those 80% that didn't get response are still leads that suck - which is why no one responded to them in the first place.  But now TT profits off those - but the Pros are not.  Nothing you can say will satisfy me.  I've tried the new system - I've read the resposes of hundreds and hundreds of Pros.  I have a choice and have chosen to not invest my dollars in this platform.  But will remain hopeful that this new year changes will be made back to a format that we all can profit from.  

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Re: Top pros

You are 200% correct. I'm a licensed electrician and my business through TT has dropped off 80-90% since their implementation of their new way to charge us pro's. I had no issue whatsoever when we had to pay for every bid, which for me ranged between $3-$8 dollars. Now TT tries very hard to charge you for almost any contact by the customer. I had to adjust all my templates to clearly state to every customer I quoted on that only contact me if you are okay with my price and timeframe. Dont reply just to say thank you, otherwise I'd be charged! Now they are trying to place a minimum weekly budget amount which in essence gives them to charge you that same minimum on every quote i.e $40. I'm looking into Angie's list and HomeAdvisor became TT is no longer a viable means for honest marketing!

Re: Top pros

I am a top pro as well for now and I get minimal leads. Thumbtack is no longer payng off. I previously told everyone about Thumbtack and how great your system was but it has changed so much recently and is no longer beneficial to my business. The only benefits I get now from Thumbtack are the repeat or word of mouth customers that came from Thumbtack's previous system. I feel like Thumbtack is losing it's edge in the market in an attempt to generate more profits. The new system is not good at all.

Re: Top pros

I do not think anyone wants you to look into there profile and see what they can alter in there profile because they/WE are saying that our profile has stayed the same and it previously worked fine. I think what everyone is saying is that your new system is NO LONGER BENEFICIAL TO THE PROS and only benefits Thumbtack and that you should go back to the way you previously operated or you will most likely continue to push away all of the pros that made Thumbtack successful in it's earlier years. It appears that you are missing the point of what people are trying to say!

Re: Top pros

Our profiles were always good enough in the past......the only thing that has changed is thumbtack, and the way it operates....the whole "let me look at your profile" thing seems like nothing more than a false impression that something is being done, when in reality, there was never any problems before with our profiles..... I personally have begun to use a couple other lead generation sites that seem to be working well. Although I still browse through the thumbtack leads, I completely ignore the clients that send auto generated responses, and contact only the jobs I see that look like they have any potential, and those are far and few. Basically, I am spending much less now on leads compared to what I was spending prior to the changes. I get it, thumbtack really could care less because new people (pros) will keep signing up to use the service, but if the new guys do not provide the quality services the way most of the pros did in the beginning, that could potentially blow up in TT's face and sink them. Sooner or later, word gets around.....we, as pros could never get away with cramming such drastic changes down our customers throats, the results would not be good. I suspect this kind of thing will happen here as well as most of the original pros seek alternative lead generation services. As a pro, I recommend that other pros simply ignore the auto generated leads, and simply continue to click/contact only the leads you feel are viable.