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Re: So frustrated

Thank you. I never get a request anymore. I’m never matched up. I got one last week and he cancelled the deal. The one before that was month ago and it had auto quoted him a crazy amount and charged me $11 for the quote. I told them Thumbtack messed up and they didn’t respond. Lost the deal. It was months before that and nothing. How do you go from 4-6 hires a month to nothing right when they change the process? It was over a year ago maybe?
I have emailed Thumbtack, talked to them on the phone and get nowhere. I have changed settings on my Thumbtack .. I have no idea what to do now. My view of Thumbtack went from being the best thing for my business and recommending it to everyone all the way to a complete let down. I never tell anyone about it and all the work I did to build it up is gone.
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Re: So frustrated

Used to you he the request.. you immediately responded with a quote. You won the deal by good customer service and good reviews etc. Talking to the client about the project.. however now I don’t even get the chance to even try. It bypasses it all and I have to wait on a magical fit or something.
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Re: Top pros

Made it in 2017 and was very close in 2018 till everything dried up in December; the last two clients I had didn't send me any reviews. What is with these changes that we are no longer able to apply for jobs or have someone interested in our services? CS folks used to be so prompt in answering q's, but that's gone by-the-boards, too. Very discouraged.

Moderator Kameron

Re: Top pros

@catmaven sorry to hear that your questions haven't been answered. Customers will now search for pros that match their job and be able to select them from a list. When customers choose to contact a pro directly we'll also let other pros that could be a good match know about that job in the Jobs tab and you can choose to quote on it. I'd recommend checking out our Help Center if you haven't already that has a lot of helpful information like this article about Search results HERE. Hoping this helps, if you have additional questions feel free to let us know. 

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Re: Top pros

I have been for years and still am a Top Pro... but it doesn't really mean anything, except maybe that you get a sticker in the mail. I just can't believe that the literally THOUSANDS of posts saying how much people do not like the new system are falling on such deaf ears... it really is astounding to see this level of self inflicted chaos.

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Re: Top pros

hi: I'm an admin of an unofficial Facebook group of Thumbtack Pro's. We've got well over 1,000 members.

A number of Pro's in our group, have mentioned that they won Top Pro for 2019, while hardly doing any bidding or jobs for the second half of 2018.

So the criteria is confusing.  While I have Top Pro status, I really don't think it helps me win jobs. I have advised a number of our group members who lost the Top Pro status, to not beat themselves up.  

IMO: Top Pro is an internal TT classification or label, that means this Pro is spending money with Thumbtack. While there are 200,000+ Pro's: I am convinced the bulk of TT's bid revenue comes from the Top Pro class.  But hey....that is just my opinion.

I would really not concern myself with how much the Top Pro class has decreased or increased.  There are more important things to stress over.   Good luck,  Reese T.  March 12, 2019

TackMaster ChefPaulStaley

Re: Top pros

One thing that should definitely be touched on is that with this new system, you get put higher in the search results rankings if you choose promote. Pros can now buy their way to the top instead of earning it like the rest of us who are adamantly against this new format. and the flip side to that is that we are punished if we do not choose promote by having our ranking affected by a paid service that we choose not to participate in. With the dramatic decline in the quality of leads, why would I choose to pay for all of them site unseen?

My business has suffered tremendously over the past few months under the new system. I have a very strong profile and have never had these issues before. TT has put the importance on immediate satisfaction for the customer at the expense of quality. But I think that they will see that the overall satisfaction of customers will drop because that immediate satisfaction is of sub par value if quality is not assured. Best excample I can think of -Little Caesars... Yes, you are serving more people and have become a recognizeable name. But how many people actually think Little Caesar's is good since they put quality on the backburner?

I hope TT realizes that many Pros see TT as a business partner and that this new system is hurting all of those partners that have trusted them for so long. I for one also hope that the bidding system is put back in place and that TT sees that this is what is wanted by the vast majority of us.

Community Manager DustiO
Community Manager

Re: Top pros

@ChefPaulStaley I hear you and I feel this. It would be difficult to find a pro on Thumbtack as highly decorated and rated as you (and Steph). It is my hope that every customer who comes to Thumbtack is able to find a pro such as yourself - who will deliver the best services possible. That is what will keep our customers coming back again and again.

It is my promise that we are all working hard here to make sure that our pros and customers are happy. Your feedback is incredibly helpful and impactful to many teams here - you have been with us from the beginning. Thank you for sticking with us, even when things are not going great for you.

I know I won't stop working for our pros and helping to bring our pros' voices to the table. Thank you, for being a part of that conversation.


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Re: Top pros

Well look at you changing your tune.

I warned ya 😄
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Re: Top pros

Heym Wreach you're a pet sitter, too? Love the pup's pic. I was TP just once. I'm just tired of seeing potential jobs from places two states away!