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Re: Top pros

@Lar  Well said when you stated "If you ever wanted a clearer indication that Thumbtack's product team do not listen to the feedback that we send them then this particular gripe is it. How many times must Pros report this issue before someone on the product team takes notice? "

Now, the only voice that TT can only speak from, is with their actions alone. The brief messages typed here by the moderators and employees is no longer adequate. We must see and experience change to again believe. 


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Re: Top pros


I'm in agreement with you!! And @MR in agreement with you as well. We need to see and experience change to believe again. Being told to have Faith is one thing, but to see change is another..Many of us have given suggestions on improvements for months now, and we get told the same thing over and over. The same way they get tired of us repeating ourselves, we are getting tired of them repeating themselves. Changes need to happen and very soon!

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Re: Top pros

@DJStevie  In my view, the hole that has been dug is pretty deep. Telling us to have faith with no actions to support that is basically an insult to a paying customer. 

If they truly meant that we would see either credits, deep discounting  in pricing to its customers or a letter of apology for the poor service that has been delivered while the issues are repaired. This is how companies who are in this situation begin to rebuild customer trust. 

Avoidance of the issue only digs the hole deeper and drives customers fleeing to the competition. 



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Re: Top pros

@lar @DJStevie 

I will add that a few of us have been some of the most persistent on these boards trying to motivate and advocate for change. There are many others out here who may not be as active agree with the situation. And there are likely many others who are lurkers and dont post, yet feel the same pain.

Mark my words, when the vocal ones get to the point of complete lack of confidence, the others will follow and so goes the client trust as a whole. 

After reading some of the latest posts by TT, and more importantly, the continued lack of action, I have crossed that line and have taken measures to protect my money by removing promote. I held on for a long time - just couldnt hold on any longer.

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Re: Top pros

I have been with Thumbtack since 2013.  IMO: It takes an absolute: Avalanche, Tidal Wave, Onslaught, whatever, a staggering number of Pro's to repeatedly complain about an issue before we get traction.

IMO: The TT corporate mindset for Pro's making complaints is "Oh that guy is a needle in a haystack, we have 200,000+ Pro's....the other 199,999 Pro's are probably OK and this does not need fixing"

I can recall three small positive changes over the last six years; [and they are all "bread crumbs" that should have been there in the first place...and cost little or no money to implement]
1) They increased the character count on the initial bid-letter from 500 to 1,500
2) They allowed sorting of a Pro's reviews
3) They created a check-box, so the Pro could indicate that checks were an acceptable form of payment

I feel like a hypocrite: Because I have been telling people in the other group; Energy is better spent working on sourcing leads from other places instead of typing long emails to TT corporate.

It is a very frustrating situation. My own TT business has decreased substantially since 2017.

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Re: Top pros

@ReeseTee Agreed. I dont know why change is so hard. TT is big, but really not that big compared to large airline reservation systems, an ebay or amazon platform. Companies such as this are supposed to be very nimble and efficient in their ability to make changes pretty fast. Agile development methodoligies are designed for efficient change management and development process. 

I just dont get it - the only thing I can think of is that the new system is actually cobbled on top of the old one and the code base has become antiquated and convuluted making it difficult to change. If that is the case, they should just tell us their issues so we better understand their challenges. 



Re: Top pros

@Lar @MR  We have heard a lot of feedback regarding the 150 mile radius and Marco even addressed this in one if his responses in our last Q&A "that because of feedback from pros like you, in the next few weeks, we’re adding the capability to sort the opportunities you see in the Jobs tab by distance. Hopefully this helps, too." You can see the full context of that post here

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Re: Top pros


I am in the same boat!  What do we do when we get HUGE views but no jobs?

Last week I had 858 views with 5 leads and 2 actual hires.  YIKES!


Re: Top pros

The views have to be inflated. I turned off the ability to auto bid or get charged when they direct message me. All I got were Indian call center scammers. Then I would have to contact support and get a "refund". A credit is not a refund.

I also miss the days when clients were forced to put a phone number and a budget. Like I want to pay $50 for a a chance to talk to a website lead who has only a $200 budget or no phone number to actually follow up with.

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Re: Top pros

Please shout louder for those at the back!!!!
I miss phone numbers and BUDGET disclosures. Right now,its a complete joke! I dont even know how I made it to top pro. I mean, i know the quality of my work is good,but thumbtack hires suck!