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Re: Top Pro getting no job referrals

I used Thumbtack a year ago and it helped me launch my business into a brick & mortar (from basically nothing). I'm a Top Pro now, which is pretty neat. 

In the last 2 months, I have not gotten a single legitimate lead despite many "views". I'm not privy to the changes that TT made within the last few months, but it's frustrating. Clearly, this system is working for someone else (new users perhaps), but it's not working for me anymore. 

Re: Top Pro getting no job referrals

@Kameron I am a Hypnotherapists and a top pro. Up until November 2018 I received 90% of my business on Thumbtack. I went from, at the highest, 17 leads per month to Zero. 17 leads for me are excellent for my profession since I converted almost all of them to actual jobs. TT has now changed their platform and they don't care about the Pro.

As of today February 2, 2019 I've received no viable leads since mid November 2018. I've talked to Thumbtack at least 15 times. I found one CS agent who made some suggestions on how I could change my profile and up my budget, but it didn't help. Let me say I would pay any reasonable amount of money for true leads since clients usually come see me more than 6 times and I get referrals from those clients. I use Thumbtack because Yelp is VERY expensive and I can't afford their outrageous fees. I've signed up for other therapy generated leads but their sites aren't as popular as TT and the leads are very few.
TT took my Top Pro status away because I haven't converted any jobs. Funny that they take away leads and penalize me for their mismanagement.
Here are my leads per month
Aug 13
Sept 17
Oct 12
Nov 13
Dec 0
Jan 0

Re: Top Pro getting no job referrals

@Kameron  As a PS to my earlier response.

Of the leads I received in November, TT was sending out my price without notifying me that it was sent. The client only received my price I couldn't follow up with a letter to tell the client what they would be receiving with my price. So nothing was converted even though I show job referrals of 13 in November.

Something needs to change. TT took a great referral service and made changes that destroyed my business.
I am asking you to PLEASE go back to the old platform. At some point TT will start loosing money because Pros are leaving. But that might not matter TT is a billon dollar company (look it up). Maybe my business isn't important. I am leaving negative referrals all over the internet. Hopefully something will get TT's attention. I suggest all other pros do the same. 

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Re: Top Pro getting no job referrals

I hear ya! They say that TT isn't going back to the old system. I'm upset as well, I miss sending to clients what they will recieve in my packages. I'm told by TT that clients will see it in our profiles. Then reach out to us. Not true!! Previous clients have told me they don't read profiles, but want to hear from Pros. And by the way TT, Conversation starters are not from seriously interested clients!! But TT claims otherwise.

Re: Top Pro getting no job referrals

Let's get things figured out @PositiveChoice. What tips were given to you that you found aren't helping? How long ago did you implement those tips into your profile? 

Re: Top Pro getting no job referrals

I appreciate you trying to help. The last person I talked to was Albert in customer service, and he changed my hours and encouraged me to put the letter that I normally send to jobs as my opening on my profile. As helpful as he tried to be it didnt change much. If you look at all the conversation notes from my phone calls with CS you will see who I've talked to and what was done. That is another issue, everytime I called CS I had to explain everything over again, as i'm doing now. I've received a few contacts for my job area through Yelp and FB but none from TT. CS has encouraged me to put remote on my profile. I don't provide this service, although some do it I dont because it isnt safe. If someone has a negative response I'm not physically there to help. I've been a Hypnotherapist for 23 years and I know what I'm doing. I protect my clients but when CS suggested I changed the box, I did. Sometimes clients will say they want remote but in the comments they put down they will travel so I can respond. The point being even with remote on I didn't get referrals for hypnosis in my area. I've been told TT hasn't gotten requests for hypnosis for my area. That is hard to believe since I received others every month last year. All this being said if you have ideas on how to drive more referrals to me I will be grateful. Restoring my top pro status would be a good start since TT took it away even though it wasn't my fault. Kim

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Re: Top Pro getting no job referrals

@PositiveChoice if you don't offer your services remotely, that's definitely okay. You know your business best! If you look at your insights, you'll see that there have been 103 Hypnotherapy jobs in your area over the last three months. You'll also see that there are currently 103 active pros in your area who also offer Hypnotherapy. So as you can see, it's a very competitive market. I did a search as a customer for a Hypnotherapist in your area, and you are showing up on the first list of pros, so your profile is being seen.


I'm going to take some time and dig into your profile a little more. Keep an eye out for a private message from me within the next couple of days. 

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Re: Top pros

I was a Top Pro my first 3 years on Thumbtack, but then they changed their fees.  And by changed, I mean raised... a LOT-- doubled, tripled, and more.  This meant that I stopped replying to many service requests because it just wasn't worth the risk.  I'm not going to spend $20-25 for the "chance" at getting a job that might pay $200.  Yet, Thumbtack allows 4 or 5 Pros to quote the job, so if the client replies to all 5, Thumbtack pockets $100-125, even if the client doesn't hire anybody.  That's quite a racket.  

They have priced themselves out of my feasibility range.  I simply can't gamble that kind of money on jobs that don't pay that much.  Even if I end up getting hired 20% of the time, Thumbtack is pocketing 1/4-1/3 of the money I make on the jobs I actually get hired for.

The result is that Thumbtack is losing a great Pro and doing their clients a disservice.  Just look at my reviews. 

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Re: Top pros

I am in the same boat. Are you going to another service?
Looking to change. Can't afford all the fake leads any more.

Re: Top pros

I've been a Top Pro since 2017. I've definitly used Thumbtack less since the several changes. Are most actually happy with the changes? Did you notice they now censor peoples email address if they happen to provide them in the job description? I get it, but thought it was funny.

Anyway, back to you question. When they first did the big change I was told  I would not be a top pro, despite having all of the requirements. But I ended up getting the badge anyway. I don't think there is a good communication between the dev team and the actual support staff.

I also never recieved any of these top pro trinkets they supposedly have been sending out (key chains, window clings, holiday card, etc....)