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Hi, TT & Everyone that cares.
I'm an owner of a mid-size company. We consider our profession, just that a Professional skill. I have asked TT for a lot of things but this one gets under my belt. What I have asked them is to please find a way that I'm not bidding with another TT ( person ) or Want to be Pro that has no ability or skill set to be bidding with me on the same job.
I have talked to clients after winning the job, that have stated and I quote " OMG, I spoke to one guy that bid and he was just a handyman and didn't sound like he knew what he was doing"!
That's one reason why we picked you and your profile was so nice.
Again, TT. PLEASE find a way to have Pros & Top Pros show there ability, in a portfolio or go by THE WORK THEY "DO" as shown in there Profile. That they qualify to do the Job skill presented. If you allow a unprofessional handyman to install a $ 3,000 TV & It falls off the wall or in my hands as it has before because we were asked to fix the work of another Pro...
it was just mounted in to drywall; when it should always be at minimum one stud, this is just an example of my frustrations & true facts of experiences.
This negative outcome reflects on TT, as we all know it's not just the client that has a bad experience the outcome won't be good for any of us ( TT / Community of Top Pros & Pros ).
Ok I went to long on this subject my apologies, but to me it's like asking a Plumber to fix my Car.
As for my post, please look at why we are being charged for areas we haven't selected. I'm on East Coast of Florida & I'm be charged for West coast. That is about 3 hrs away. Not traveling that far to put up a TV for $ 100 or even $300.
I'm worried to call or chat with a. Thumbtack agent, because EVERYTIME in The past I have made contact with TT, my account all of a sudden goes in to hibernation, for about 2 to 3 weeks.
Or maybe it's just me.
If those thing could be tweaked, then my. TT experience would be 100%.
We have been a Top Pro for about 4 yes now.
Thank you for any feedback or comments,
TV installation, Security Camera installation, Sound installations.


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@THEWIRELLC we appreciate you taking the time to share this feedback. I'll definitely pass it along! As far as you getting charged for leads that are outside of the travel preferences you have set, we definitely want to see what's going on. Our customer support team will be the best point of contact to getting that figured out quickly and efficiently for you. You can reach them at 



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Is anyone else being charged for jobs as an exact lead when the job is over the distance that was set? I have a radius set of ten miles and was charged 25$ for a job that is 16 miles away. Thumbtack gave me a “courtesy refund” but I feel They shouldn’t have even charged me to begin with. They say the job fell within their guidelines. But how? I can not make money traveling more than twenty minutes (10 miles) to a client and why I have set my radius to just ten miles. Their policy is only credits not to refund the money. I feel I shouldn’t have even been charged for. It’s extremely frustrating to hear them tell me it’s a “courtesy” and that it’s not their problem. They stated that I had certain areas marked in the other section. I went to that section and there was no check marks on the counties. Just a straight line. But why would they have anything other than distance as a guideline? Both sections work simultaneously? I get the run around answers from customer support who just tell me there is nothing they can do because it fell under guidelines and they only give thumbtack credits. I’ve turned off all promoting at this point and have little faith in giving them financial info. I don't want a credit. I want the money back into my bank where it’s NEEDED. I do not want to even use Thumbtack anymore so that credit is useless to me. This company was great when I first started couple years ago but now it’s just a hassle. Since turning off promoting, I’m back to receiving ridiculous far away leads that just waste my time to decline. Silly system they have that allows this to happen, and an easy fix if they weren’t doing it for the sole purpose of forcing pros to promote so they can take money automatically.

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My Tailor/Dry Cleaner, who was a real good guy...went out of business.  He was a superior tailor, but he refused to hire a helper. In his last year of business, I could see the sleep deprivation on his face. I would tell him "I don't need a heart surgeon to fix a hangnail"

Many homeowners are aware that they do not need a Licensed Professional for simple things. A worn out flap at the bottom of a toilet tank. A simple light fixture or ceiling fan swap out, things like that. 

I do a lot of IKEA furniture assembly. Sorry; there is no Stockholm Institute Of Putting Stuff Together...certification program.

The Thumbtack platform allows people who need simple jobs done, to find people who can do simple jobs, for a price that would be far below what a Licensed Professional  (i.e. "heart surgeon") would charge. And, YES, the TT Platform also allows JP's to find Licensed, High-End specialists for complex problems. 

The Thumbtack Platform also has some sort of insurance. If a TT Pro messes up, and the improperly installed flatscreen does fall of the wall, if TT chooses to re-imburse the JP for the loss, ... TT will most likely kick the Pro off the platform and go after the Pro to recover any money paid out in damages.

A lot of TT Pro's simply do not grasp the concept of needing to be competitive.

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Point well made.
I will have to ask you to read into my post a bit deeper.
It is a profession to hang TVs or to install Security cameras as well as Sound.

I can assure you that a Handyman should NOT be installing Cameras, and or
Sound equipment.
Now, that being said I'm not against someone earning a living.
I'm simply saying know your profession, and do THAT not something you think you could " Wing it ".
Now, if you're still with me let's go deeper.
I said and I quote, " It's not good business for Thumbtacks reputation to allow just anyone to take on a job; that they have no business doing. "
I'm sure you can agree that your Dry Cleaner can't replace a heart.
Let's be candid; Thumbtack has more at stake here then my small complaint.
Do, you really think it's good practice to allow non-qualified Pro's
( Handymen ) to do something that is a Skill and takes time to learn.
I will be the first to say, some Handymen have good skills, but that does NOT mean in any way that they are just an open category, that can do every job asked of on Thumbtack.

My question is where is the line in the sand??
In closing, if I'm a Thumbtack client or customer, I trust that when I click on a pro; he is JUST THAT in his field.
So, Thumbtack could feel the repercussions in bad reviews or Online status, if this gets out of hand.

Now, call the Gardner, I need my A/C fixed.

Dominic DeMieri