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Turning a one-time $2,000 gig into a $20,000 customer

I photographed a job in my local market that came from Thumbtack. After seeing their high level of satisfaction, I mentioned that I would love to talk with them about future work, even if it meant outside my local area. They have 3 events a year; east coast, west coast and between. So far they've flown me to, and put me up at all their high end event hotels. Great client who leaves me alone to do what I do. All because I asked. Oh, Vancouver BC is their next event. 

Don't forget to ask for additional work.

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Re: Turning a one-time $2,000 gig into a $20,000 customer

Whoa, congrats! This is fantastic to read Smiley Happy

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Re: Turning a one-time $2,000 gig into a $20,000 customer

Plus, they let me bring my wife, and all I pay for is her airfare. Food, drinks, parties, as well. Nice vacations at Hyatt Regency, Fairmont, etc. And I get paid about $10,000 a year for three of these events. Thanks Thumbtack!