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Video Producers/Videographers: what would you change/improve?

I've been using Thumbtack for about six months now and have had some ups and a lot of downs, as a video producer/videographer. On Thumbtack, the only two service options for this industry are:

  • Wedding and event videography
  • Video Production

I think there is room to split these up further, based on what the customer needs. A music video, a short film, etc. typically has a very different process and clientele than a coprorate, business, or commercial video.

Wedding and event videography

  • Prices
    • The main problem here is that production and postproduction aren't separated out. The base price includes:
      • Online or digital transfer (this is fine, not a significant expense to bundle into price)
      • Local travel (fine, since we can set travel charges)
      • Lighting and equipment: veering into iffy territory here. Really should be completely separate charge. Lighting isn't always needed but other equipment is and can vary wildly. Running a one man band vs another videographer and a drone operator (for example) is much more expensive
      • Video editing: DEFINITELY needs to be separate. There's no real way to bundle this into a flat hourly fee, because it's a completely separate process to the shooting of the wedding. Editing a 3-4 minute video vs 30-40 minute has a significant time difference; this also doesn't account for any revisions you may offer to the client, which add additional time. Without knowing what they want, BEFORE we quote them, we risk undercharging the client OR having to explain an additional charge, outside of the only charge TT lets us input.
    • Why not add the option for us to enter in our own jobs and price? Instead of the only three currently offered
  • Customer budget
    • For one, the current options don't seem to match what customers can search for. I see customer budget set to Under $500 but that option isn't in here for us to select/deselect.
  • Which types of final product can you provide?
    • These also need to be separated out by industry. Supplying raw footage for weddings is pretty rare (I do it, with a fee added), but that's what a lot of people want from events/conferences, conversely.

Video Production

  • No price filtering, whatsoever, is AWFUL. Probably the worst experience on the app, in terms of qualifying leads. You're literally making it possible for a client, budget of $100 or $10000, the same level as access to us, while we have no selection over them/the leads that WE want. Some considerations when doing video production, regardless of the project:
    • Many video production companies or freelancers work based on a day rate or project rate, not hourly.
    • Postproduction/editing is often an hourly rate and is obviously required for completing videos. However, some people do charge a flat half or full day rate for editing, too.
  • Again--can't stress enough how badly this screws us over. We need price filtering.

In general, some other things that I would love to see for leads:

  • Position at the company: the business owner contacting us vs an assistant can tell us a lot about the company
  • Company size: again, this lets us know who we're working with. Why this is important: I like to work with small businesses, even though they can honestly be a pain. It's just the nature of it: they're small and likely have a much tighter cashflow. Completely understandable and I don't want them to be shut out. However, knowing the size of the company beforehand really helps us out when quoting. I personally DO like to offers discounts or some kind of offer to small businesses, and with corporate jobs, I know I can charge my full rates and generally have a higher budget for a higher quality production.

^some of the suggestions above may seem unfriendly to customers using Thumbtack--but frankly, I'd much rather have less people contacting me if they are better qualified by TT first.

Is there any good reason why the Video Production category doesn't have customer budget/price filtering, like Wedding and Event Videography?

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Re: Video Producers/Videographers: what would you change/improve?

Budget filtering is available in the video production category. It must have been added in the last few days because it wasn’t there last week.

Didn’t get any notice of the change from TT by the way.
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Re: Video Producers/Videographers: what would you change/improve?

Hmm, maybe you're talking about Budget, which actually refers to the budget you set for spending on Promote, not the customer budget.vidprod.png


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Re: Video Producers/Videographers: what would you change/improve?

Nope it’s a budget filter for the JP. I’ve turned off all requests under $500.
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Re: Video Producers/Videographers: what would you change/improve?

@traviswardvideo as always, thank you for putting so much time and thought into your post and giving us constructive feedback about what's working and what's not working. The details you provided are very helpful for us to hear and we'll definitely pass it along! Your concerns about price filtering is one we've heard from other pros within the Community. We'll continue to pass along that feedback as we hear about it. Thanks again! 

Re: Video Producers/Videographers: what would you change/improve?

Thank you, @Meckell . I'll keep an eye out for changes.

On a related note, when I had been setting up Wedding and Event Videography, I accidentally starting adding it as Wedding and Event Photography. I was surprised to see that you can provide multiple rates, per hour (1 hour=rate, 2 hours=rate, 3 hours etc.). While not truly ideal for video, even something like this would be more helpful IMO because it lets us build a general editing cost into the price.

For example, if my wedding rate is $150/hr and I know that standard wedding videos (3-4 min highlight) can be edited in a day (say $500 for this example as a flat, one day editing rate--$50/hr for 10 hr day), I can build that in. Like so:

  • 1 hour: $650
  • 2 hours: $800
  • 3 hours: $950
  • 4 hours: $1100
  • Etc.

We could also even work discounts into this, based on time. So if I wanted to say "this is my rate, but the longer I'm there, the lower I can make the hourly rate" to attract customers or give the feeling of value/fairness, I can. I guess the overall point is, it's very inflexible at the moment for the industry it's in.

Thanks again. Would love to hear from other video professionals, too!

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Re: Video Producers/Videographers: what would you change/improve?

@traviswardvideo that's a good point and I could see how that would be helpful for Videographers. I too would love to hear from other pros about this and also hear what's working for them. @StoriesUpSTL is another great Videographer here in the Community who has given us some awesome suggestions. Feel free to share ideas with each other and keep this great feedback coming!