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What is going on???? It's been DEAD all Jan & Feb!!!! I'm getting NO portrait requests coming in. I get event requests daily, and headshots, occasionally. I'm on promote for headshots. But not for events. I just turned on promote for portraits. I'M GETTING NO LEADS!!! Now I just discovered, for the 3rd time this week, that there was someing in my Jobs box THAT I WAS NOT NOTIFIED ABOUT!!! What is going on??? How can I bid on jobs if I don't know they're in the box???? I can't sit at my computer, staring at my job box and hitting refresh every 15 seconds to see if something is there! Why are we no longer notified???

This is a deeply urgent matter! I've gotten virtually NO jobs at all yet this year!!!!! Why am I not getting requests, when I clearly see that the stats show thousands of requests coming in'? Granted, the "service area" it shows goes into the surrounding states, which I do not service, but some portion of those thousands of request MUST be within my service area! If people are asking for photographers in NJ, they must also be asking on Long Island!

And now I find out that I'm not even being notified about some of them??? I don't understand! They told me they shut down the notifications a couple of weeks ago!!!

We need to know exactly how this system works! What happens when someone reaches out to a pro? It used to be that the rest of us were notified, so we could also bid. If a request doesn't meet my standard job - perhaps their budget is too low, then they skip me. But I want to be able to offer them a smaller package that might fit their budget. Now it seems that if they don't meet my parameters, and they don't reach out to me, it's an invisible job that I never get the opportunity to bid on! Please explain the new rules as of today 3/4/19.

Thank you!

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@DefiningImagery I was able to see that you had a recent call with our support team in regards to the notifications for jobs in the Jobs tab. Ultimately it comes down to us opening up the jobs that show up there more broadly now that pros can be more specific when promoting. Notifying pros of each job in the Jobs tab could now possibly be an overwhelming amount. Would you still prefer to get a notification for each one, or possibly getting a group notification 1-2 times a day?

To be clear it sounds like your not seeing the number of jobs that you expect, is that correct? Or is it more just that you aren't receiving notifications for the jobs that are coming in on the Jobs tab?

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A group notification of 1-2 times per day is ridiculous. I may not be able to speak for @DefiningImagery or other Pros, but personally, receiving jobs as they came in helped me tremendously. Majority of the jobs for me that are now coming into the jobs tabs are out of my area, which I have explained in other threads. I have to sift through them to see which ones make sense for me to accept and send message/quote. But, The local ones are far and few between, why is that?



I'm sorry, but I can't make heads nor tails of you are trying to say here:

" Ultimately it comes down to us opening up the jobs that show up there more broadly now that pros can be more specific when promoting."

Could yo please explain what you're trying to say? Thank you.


I want notifications about EVERY job, the MOMENT they come in! Just like they always did. If you narrow it to once or twice a day, what happens to the pros that happen to be unavailable at those times who will never get to bid because everyone will have bid them out, before that pro even gets to look an hour later, when they are free. NO! Keep them coming as they come in, 24/7.

Part 2 of the issue is that leads have absolutely dropped dead in Jan & Feb and it's freaking me out! I have bills to pay and I need to feed myself, and that can't happen with nothing coming in for me to bid on!

These are serious, urgent issues! Please get this resolved! Thank you.

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@DefiningImagery @Kameron @Meckell 

From what I've been told, the jobs are going to come to us in groups 1-2 times per day. Why? As what Thumbtack said to me it's because the majority of the Pros wanted it that way. I think it was a change that they decided to go this way. If I'm wrong, I hope that they tell me and explain. Pros that I've talked with, said they miss being notified for every job. I miss it too.

Hopefully Thumbtack will give back notifiying us of job notifications as they come in, not in a group!


I'd love to meet some of these 'majority of pros', cause they certainly aren't posting here.

@DefiningImagery once again, it's another pressure tactic to get you on Promote. The pro selection choices are being refined on promote, to the point where, when a client enters their information, the algorithm zeros in on the pro and a match is achieved. The rest of us, who cannot utilize Promote, for whatever reasons are SOL


Well, it worked because I gave in to doing promote for my portraits because some headshot leads were trickling in on promote, and NOTHING ZERO NADA NADA NADA was coming in for portraits, so I just ended up adding promote for portraits last week. The end result of that? NOTHING ZERO NADA NADA NADA !!!

The weird thing is that I'm not on promote for events, yet I get several event requests a day!

What the real truth is, is that they are squeezing our purses again! They apparentely don't want us to make money! I set my price at $295 because that's my legit price. But the cheap people don't want to spend that, and think they don't have to, because a ton of bad quality amateurs offer the session at $30-100. So I have to put my price at $295 so that I can manually filter out the ones that are cheapos. I don't want to have to pay for them. Now, it seems, I have to put my price down to $195. The weird thing is that I'm #1 in the portrait position, and NOTHING is coming in! I've also got the "high demand" ribbon, 315 hires, 132 reviews with a 4.9 rating! And NOTHING!!!!! No one reaching out to me, and no requests coming through! YET, I don't even exist on the event results, and I see several of them come through a day!!!! WHAT is going ON???? I'm NOT on promote and there are leads to bid on with events...  I AM on promote for everything else, but nothing comes through! So, the theory of them forcing promote backfires here!

My charge card got billed for $1.35 this week! Normally I was paing $135.00 a week for tons of leads!

No algorithm even comes into play in the initial search results. They put in only their zip and type of job, and the initial results have no filters. This makes NO sense!!!


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Not sure if this comes into play but I’ve noticed that less and less people are viewing my gallery and profile than ever before. Perhaps the way the new pro lists are laid out and the fact that they have to contact us first has led them to value low price over quality? I think a personalized message is extremely important in this new “experience economy” but for now I suppose we have to leave it up to the customer. Something has definitely changed in the initial stages of communication but hopefully we can figure it out soon!
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I promote and I am still SOL

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There's no point in that! So that means if they choose to send out notices at, for example, 10am and 8pm, any pro that has a permanant thing that they're doing at either one of those times, will never get to bid because by they time their schedule frees them, the bidding has closed because everyone else bid.

It also screws the dedicated pros who will respond to a request at 3am or on the weekends, etc., who gets that reward for working when others are sleeping.

It's not like they need human clearance anyway! The system runs itself, so the technology can easily let the requests through in real time, as it always has.

Just when you think they finally got everything settled and the system is decent, they go and destroy it again! They are always ruining what is working well! I can't imagine that people were complaining that they were getting leads!!!!! Ridiculous!