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Hi it's Jami - - we spoke a few months ago.  I have not been using TT for about four months now because, as you know, my business dropped off 99% after the changes to the platform last summer.  I was booking about 6 projects a month at an average of about $75.  It was awesome!  Today was the first day in months that I thought I would check in and see what the people are saying because I keep hoping I could come back to TT because it was once my only source of bookings.  No such luck.  I am reading that people are still unhappy.  Not only that, yesterday I pulled up a lead and looked at the cost and it was $50.  What?  That same lead would have been $8 a year ago with only 5 pro responses allowed.   Now its $50, with how many people does TT put in front of that customer?  15? 20?   I got a email from a TT manager questioning this price and that 9 people responded to that lead.  $450 TT profited for one lead.  She told me that TT only makes money when people respond and I have the choice not to respond to the lead.  True.  So their goal is to get as many people to respond to a lead as possible.  Think about that.  It reduces your chance of being hired.  Its a fact.  Thumbtack made $450 off one customer request and as far as I see - this customer hired no one.  That is just awful.   And it breaks my heart to see these small businesses loosing money putting into this platform.  I see a lot of new to TT so I was surprised to see you still on here using it.  I am considering trying it for a week to see what happens but $50 to respond?  How does TT honestly think that is ok.   

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@jcp glad to have you back and participating in the Community. As you’ve mentioned you haven’t felt that it’s been the best for you and your business and if you need to take some time to step away and check back in periodically, that’s a decision we can respect. However, we always want Thumbtack to be a good investment for your business. I’m glad you were able to reach out to us via email to share your concerns on that particular lead price and share your feedback.
You have a great profile and have found a great amount of success with Thumbtack in the past. What are your thoughts of coming back, setting your preferences and giving it a chance again? We're happy to look at your profile, give you tips, and answer any questions you may have. If you want to utilize Thumbtack to get connected with customers again, we want you to feel comfortable when doing so.

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Thanks for resonding to my post.  Yes - I do keep checking back periodically to see if things have changed. And Yes again . . .   I was highly successful for 4 years on TT.  All my work came directly from from this platform because I am experienced, have great reviews and samples, resonded quickly and I am very professional and people like me.  There is nothing that TT can say to me now that I can maintain that success with the drastic changes that were made several months ago to the platform.  When immediatly I saw my business drop off 100% within a month.  I reviewed the changes and mathematically, there is no way to maintain the success I once had with the changes that were implemented.  No one could maintain monthly success with this new formula.  And I've read the responses of many, many Top Pros who have experienced the same and have left TT.  Sure, I can book 1 person a month maybe - but at what cost.  I recieved 2 customers that reached out to me directly just this week from just scanning their options - I am not on promote - and when I looked at the lead, both were $50 to respond to their request to me.  It's so high because I am more likely to get booked from them is what TT would say.  But if that person directly contacted 6 people?  And then hired none.  That is something that is truly unfair.  There is nothing TT can say to justify me paying that amount hoping they will hire me.  Nothing.  For $10 I might highly consider responding to them.  I just don't know how TT thinks that small business, self employed professionals on this site, can maintain on going, monthly success with these rates.  What I don't understand is how TT can triple the cost of a lead from last year - even when on promote - and have the competition be 15 or 20 other pros also responding to that same lead, and tell us that our odds are better now.  It's not a mathematical posibility Kameron.  Odds decrease when more people are added to the picture.  Thats a fact.  I saw one request come in and I pulled it up and it was again $50 to respond and 9 people responded to the customer.  That's $450 Thumbtack profited from.  From just one customer request.  Seriously, you think that is fair?  To a small business owner?  Which the majority of pros on your site are.  I just don't get it.  Well, actually I do.  Thumbtack only gets paid when us pros respond so it's set up so that a multiple pros can respond - therefore TT increasing their revenue on every single request - which was not happening a year ago.  However,  with so many pros able to respond,  it decreases our opportunity to book a customer.  Before it was a 1 of 5 chance at a reasonable cost.  Now it's triple plus cost and competing against 15-20 others.  That is fine if you want to open it up to more people responding to a customer request - but to increase the cost to quote is not.  As a smart business owner who tracks my advertising dollars, I would highly consider paying $50 for a 1 and 5 chance on a good lead.  And pay $8 for a 1 and 20 chance of being booked.  However, TT has done the opposite.  Nothing you say will change the mathematics and economic values of the marketing cost for leads now.  It's just unfortunate that a lot of new people to TT don't realize that.  My profile worked perfectly last year and all the previous years.  I have not changed it.  So why if it worked so well before - now it doesn't .  Because it's not my profile Kameron.  It's the cost to use this site.  On promote or not . . .  the price increase has made it not sustainable for a professional to use on a monthly basis.  The discussions that have been posted on this site over the last several months only confirm and validate my assement of why I beleive my business dropped off.  I am going to wait a little while longer and then try your system out again.  I just don't feel confident enough to give up $50 a lead.  And TT has not made me feel that my $50 would be of value either.   I have all the tools to be successful on this site - because the fact is I was successful on this site for 4 years.  So it's not me . . . .   it's Thumbtacks drastic changes to the site that put me in this position.  I've been in business 20 years Kameron, so I have experience and knowledge.  20 years.  I would love to hear what your thoughts are as to why you personally think all those pros, me included, no longer are able to maintain success on this site and why many, such as myself, have left it.  It's a fact.  Many of the Top Pros who were highly successful on this site have left it.  Why do you think that is?  There is a reason.  And that is the same reason why many future pros will not be able to sustain continuous sucess on this site.   It just breaks my heart.  My whole business changed when I joined Thumbtack a few years back.  It saved me from having to get a full time job.  It opened doors for me.  I was able to expand my business into Photography.  I was beyond excited and spoke so highly of your services.  Such a shame that has changed.