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Welcome to our newest Community users! (7/31)

Happy Hump Day everyone!

If you find yourself tagged in this post, that means that you’ve joined the Community within the last couple of weeks and we want to tell you Welcome! Be sure to check out this post here to learn more about the Community and how to get started posting. A huge thank you to those of you who have already started engaging in conversations, keep it up!

The Community is a great place for you to share your inspiration, connect with other pros, and connect with us. Feel free to browse around current conversations and start a new one of your own if you’d like. 

Reply below and introduce yourself to the rest of the Community. We’re happy you’re here Smiley Happy


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Re: Welcome to our newest Community users! (7/31)

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Re: Welcome to our newest Community users! (7/31)

Hi! I'm Natalia H. and I'm a private Portuguese and ESL teacher. It's been a pleasure being part of Thumbtack!  

Re: Welcome to our newest Community users! (7/31)

Hi! My name Karyn Dossenback and I am a Dog Trainer and the proud owner of Best Behaved Pups in Jacksonville, FL.