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Welcome to our newest community members! (1/24)

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Re: Welcome to our newest community members! (1/24)

Why did you start your business? I started my business because it was something I wanted to do for awhile. What do you love most about what you do? I love the smiles that come over a customers' face knowing that their home is clean.
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Re: Welcome to our newest community members! (1/24)

Why'd I start?
because I was laid off from my startup working in data science and was sick and tired of seeing poorly done profile photos! Down with the poorly lit / cropped / blurry headshot!

What keeps me going?
I love meeting new people and getting to know my clients. I've now expanded from portraits to conferences and corporate events. I love being on my feet, creating, and capturing the energy of the events I shoot! 

I love my job as a photographer! Smiley Happy

Portrait and Event Photographer in the Bay Area!
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Re: Welcome to our newest community members! (1/24)

Thank you for being a huge part of the growth of our business. It has been a great pleasure to work with you. We started this company with the idea of keeping our community clean and also to make getting rid of junk affordable. Also, we did some remodeling to our own home and found that these contractors are charging an arm and a leg to do demo work so now we offer an affordable rate with quality work. We understand that no one likes forking out thousands of dollars to junk old furniture, household items, old cabinets, carpet, flooring or even to break up concrete or remove dirt. We make that easy and affordable for them and with an above and beyond cleanup. There are hundreds of businesses just like ours so we are blessed to be at the top of our game. Thanks Thumbtack, we really appreciate it.
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Re: Welcome to our newest community members! (1/24)

After a long term chronic illness from ages 17-22, I found I had a passion for helping people. I started the process of creating a business out of something I was already passionate about; providing intuitive readings, palmistry, and alternative healing therapies to those who needed a fresh perspective, guidance, personal coaching, and to those that weren't finding success through traditional avenues of healing.

Since then, I have gone from dying young person to small business owner, passionate about my work and involved in my community. Thumbtack was one of the first ways I connected with people from across the US to grow my business, and many of my first Thumbtack clients are still with me to this day.

- Yale (Relevant Readings of Indianapolis, Indiana currently serving the US and world community)
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Re: Welcome to our newest community members! (1/24)

I started my business after working for people who couldn't do simple math,these individuals were spoon-fed their starts by wealthy parents, I grew up with 3 brothers and knew I had to work for everything in life.I started slow and small, re-investing in my business whenever possible.I now have been using Thumbtack for 3 years.I now have repeat customers and all the tools and equipment I need to help me succeed in business, Last year I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer , and I have stayed busy and have worked through the process of beating this disease. I am fortunate to have started my business when I did,And I thank the folks at Thumbtack for the exposure.-Mark
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Living breathing superhero

You are an inspiration! That’s incredible that you were able to still work and make a living even while fighting cancer.
I’m sorry it was in your path, however, it sounds as if you will never be defeated hahaha
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Re: Living breathing superhero

Thanks for your kind words, I wish you health and happiness-Mark
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Re: Welcome to our newest community members! (1/24)

Klean N Klear was started because of our sincere interest of safety within the community. Dryer fires are a serious matter and most individual are not aware that prevention is the key. When we get satisfied customers who appreciate not only the dryer vent cleaning service we provide but the safety education we give, it's what puts a smile on our technicians faces. We love preventing dryer fires!
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Re: Welcome to our newest community members! (1/24)

Welcome to the Community, we're happy to have you!