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Re: Welcome to our newest community members! (1/24)

Hi and I'm certain that I have been part of the Thumbtack community since it began (unless I'm misunderstanding what it is).  I've been tutoring for 18 years and only recently, because of Thumbtack, have I been able to leave my full time job as a professor in a university to do tutoring full time.  It is truly a joy.

  • Why did you start your business? I have always been in my own business and the reason is that I don't like people telling me what to do.  If I want to sit around and do nothing (which I almost never do) I don't want some boss coming around telling me that I should be working.
  • What do you love most about what you do? I love that people are  helped in their lives, especially their schoolwork, because I have a way of making them see things that they didn't see by themselves.  

Enjoy your day.

G. Douglas Lunsford, PhD 813-924-3853

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Re: Welcome to our newest community members! (1/24)

Thank you for the introduction Lydia! My destire to teach yoga arose from seeing my colleagues slouched at computers for hours. They had various aches and pains and we were also so stressed out. Yoga and/or meditation one-on-one, in a class or at your office can help reduce the aches in our minds and bodies. My goal is to make it attainable for nearly any body type or ability level. 

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My dream has genuinely come true

New Orleans dog trainer, dog rehabilitater, behavior specialist, “dog interpreter”, and a lot of other “dog” services haha
- Why did you start your business?
- - - > The honest answer is I needed an outlet so I could escape from my ex husband and dogs always made me happy. Never knew how to get started in the business and get the contacts to grow as I needed.
- What do you love most about what you do?
- - - > Working with dogs as well as spreading knowledge about being a dog owner. Education is power! When the owner is less stressed and understands their dog, the dog becomes more confident and starts to understand what is expected of them. To see the process is amazing!
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Re: Welcome to our newest community members! (1/24)

Thank you! This is a bit late but here goes.

So why I started tutoring? After months of helping a close friend prepare for math entry exams over social media I was told that I made a pretty good math teacher, so I decided to try my hand at tutoring since I could make the time. I would be lying if I said this wasn't one of my best decisions yet; I've discovered a very fulfiling passion I never would've thought I had, and my worldview has expanded significantly after interacting with incredible people from all walks of life.

What I love the most? Perhaps the greatest feeling/discovery of all is the one that happens when another student not only starts to move beyond their school curriculum, but also reaches a point of clarity where they can really start to learn new material on their own, and begin their journey as an independent learner.